All About Sharks

By Juliette Cepale

Goblin Shark

the goblin shark is coming extinct. last time I checked there was only 20 of them! wow.

scientists call them the living fossil. they are cool but creepy

goblin shark


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sharks are very cool animals some people don't agree some people say there deadly but that is true but sometimes they can be friendly like the nurse shark. most sharks attack

because they well from there view we look like food and sharks are always hungry for food so don't swim alone without a parent.

bull sharks

guess what the bull shark is really cool because it can live in rivers yes rivers. you mite not

believe what I'm typing but its true really true. I read it in a Wikipedia about sharks. the bull shark is known for its aggressiveness it once ate two people at the same time! omg.

hammer head

a hammer head gets its name from the shape of its head if you didn't know.its scientific name is the sphymidae. the hammer heads travel in is one of the far most famous shark around.
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lemon shark

the lemon sharks skin is a light palish yellow like a lemon. lemon sharks eat various fish in the water but mainly stick to prey that is small and won't put up a fight.most people are curious about the lemon shark due to its color.
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tiger shark

tiger sharks have been recorded with the most attacks on humans under the great white.

they are they 4th biggest shark found in the world! the can also camouflage with there blue or green color to help them blend in better with the surrounding in the water

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whale shark

the whale shark is the biggest shark found ever. it is as long as a school bus. they can weigh up to 20,000 pounds (that's heavy).
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basking shark

like our whale shark this is the second biggest shark.they can open there mouths pretty wide.they get there name from there slow moving bodies and enjoying time in the sun.
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leopard shark

they eat clam,shrimp,octopus, and bony fish.the leopard shark has colorful patterns of dark saddle-shaped bands on its back.they do not pose to threat humans due to there skittish

and cautious nature.

black tip reef shark

black tip reef sharks are found in warm coastal waters around the world.they are sometimes found above water.they are very common in Florida
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great white

the great white is the 3rd biggest shark around. they eat meat. they have been recorded for most attacks on humans.they are very cool in my opinion.

cookie cutter shark

the cookie cutter shark is one of smallest sharks around. the scientific name for a cookie cutter is Isistius brasiliensis.
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