By Mikaylah Koester

Octopus defenses

Octopuses have seven defenses to protect themselves. Many people just think that they have. They with shot ink out and black it out this will let them run away. When they run away they can get up to 25 miles per hour! That is very fast. When an octopus's leg is ripped of in can grow another leg. Octopuses can also blend in with almost any thing. They do this so the don't get eaten by their predators. If an octopus can't blend in as quickly it will darken it's self around the eyes,suckers,and arms. This makes the octopus look more threatening. This is only a couple of ways the octopus defends it's self.

Octopus's predictors, prey, and babies.

There are three main predictors for a octopus. They are sharks , eels, and dolphins. The octopuses eat crabs. These animals have shells, so the octopus has a special tongue to get them out. Their tongue has teeth in it so it drills a hole in to the shell to get them out. Sometime the inject a poison into their system to paralyze them.

When a female octopus lays her babies, the mom and the dad go. The baby octopuses have to survive on their own. The mom and dad only live for 3-5 years. The saddest thing is that when the octopuses hatch, they get carried out with the waves. Only one to two of the octopuses will live. Babies live on plankton for about 6 weeks than start to eat crab. People need to stop hunting octopuses because eventually they will go extinct.