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March 18, 2016

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

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March 25 - Non-Attendance Day

March 28 - April 1 - Spring Break

April 5 - PARCC Reading Test 1 8:35-10:25

April 6 - PARCC Reading Test 2 8:35-10:25

April 7 - PARCC Reading Test 3 8:35-10:25

April 11 - PARCC Math Test 1 8:45-10:15 and Math 2 1:45-3:10

April 12 - PARCC Math Test 3 8:45-10:15 and Math 4 12:35-2:05

April 15 - No School - Institute Day

News You Can Use

This week is a review week in literacy. The students will be reviewing the concepts learned in Unit 4. They will be collaborating in small groups to help create a Kahoot about pronouns.

Jake, Haden, and Eros did a wonderful job creating a lesson on relative pronouns. This lesson included a practice activity using Storyboard That and a Kahoot review.

Battle of the Books Hall of Fame

We have a new addition to the Battle of the Book's Hall of Fame. Who will be added this week? Please encourage your child to keep reading those books. By this point everyone should have read at least three books on their own.

Literacy by Varshan

In literacy on Monday,we were reviewing our literacy activities.One of our literacy activities was to create a relative pronouns Storyboardthat.We also were doing a problem and solution WeVideo.The fifth graders would help us use the WeVideo.On Tuesday,we started doing our literacy activities.We filled out our problem and solution graphic organizer.We also started doing our Storyboardthat.The teacher also met with some reading groups.We had to fill out a comparison paper.On

Wednesday,we continued to do our activities.This week we were also doing a Mr.Shamrock project that we color and glue together a shamrock.On Thursday,the fifth graders helped us use WeVideo.Then Mrs.Price met with two reading groups

.We also did are literacy activities.On Friday,we read a passage called Oh,No!We also did something that the evens had to find words with the root word anti and odds had to find words with amphi.We also took our weekly test.That is what we did in literacy this week.

Mrs. Price's Math Class by Rachel

Monday: We did a Solve & Share, Convince Me, Guided Practice, and a page that is titled Thermal Energy and Temperature.

Tuesday: We did the same thing as Monday, but without the Thermal Energy and Temperature.

Wednesday: We worked with fractions and multiplying them by whole numbers.

Thursday: We worked on a study guide and we worked with a math mat.

Friday: We reviewed over the study guide.

P.S. Kyan is doing the Mrs. Hassels's math and I am doing the Mrs. Price's math.

Mrs. Hassels's Math Class by Kyan

Monday : I was Late Past Math

Tuesday: We reviewed our math boxes on that day! It was quite long that day!

Wednesday: Test day! We took our Unit 7 (7.13) test! It was really hard!!!

Thursday: We got our test scores!!!! Then we got to do Prodigy; and then we did a Fraction Game!!

Friday: We did some practicing for the PARCC test on TestNav, translation : We got to mess around with the tools on it.

Social Studies by Liam

On Monday we did a paper called I have human capital.It was about the talents that we have.

On Tuesday we did not do S.S.

On Wednesday we did a carter city and it is a city.Their stores and restaurants, their were questions.

On Thursday we said our questions for the carter city thing.

Specials by Davis


Monday, On Monday we played wax museum.

Tuesday,On Tuesday we played the same game as wax museum but this time you get 2 lives.

Wednesday was art!!!

Thursday, On Thursday we listened to a story with music and after we changed the music's dark and light.

Friday,On Friday we acted out the story that we listened to on Thursday.


Wednesday, On Wednesday we started to make our name tags for the art show.


Monday,On Monday we did stations were we did 3 min. of each station. The stations were floor hockey and Basketball.

Tuesday,On Tuesday we played a floor hockey game.

Wednesday, On Wednesday we played the same game but we had 2 games going on at once.

Thursday,On Thursday we played the same games and we added a 2nd offensive player,

Friday, On Friday we played jail break.