Advantages of having house pets

1. Building good work ethic

Having pets, in my case cats, have helped provide me with plenty of work to take of them. Whether its feeding them, cleaning out their litter, or even giving them baths. They have provided me a very necessary meaning of hard work.
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2. Provide good companionship

Dogs aren't called mans best friend for no reason. For that matter in my opinions all pets are peoples best friends and that's the case for me, I've had one of my cats (Kelly) for 12 years now and he's definitely my best friend.
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3. Always there to help

I know that whenever I'm feeling down I can be with my cats and they'll always put me in a better mood whether that be just laying with me or playing with me.
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4. Pets create a good time management schedule

Whether you have a cat, dog, or even a hamster there is always going to be things that need to be done to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. It could be from letting your dog out to use the restroom or to feeding your pet hamster and everything in between.
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5. Pets help you budget

Having pets is expensive, just to feed my cats one bag of their food costs my family $20. One my cats has diabetes so we have to pay for its insulin, and don't even get me started on kitty litter. The point is all pets have expenses and working a budget early is always better.
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6. Pets can keep you safe

While I do not fall under this category many people have guard dogs to keep them safe in the event of an intruder or danger. I on the other hand have two obese cats and 1 year old kitten so I am not safe.
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7. Pets can be used as good hunters

The most primitive use of pets was to help aide hunters and even still today many dogs help hunt. while again my pets don't cant help me hunt I'm sure my 1 year old kitten could hold its own in the wild.
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8. The bond created between human and pet is very important

I believe that its very important that people that people have pets as I truly think that the bond between people and animal is an awesome thing. I think its important for people to care for something other then themselves. Cats are the best pets though.
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9. People without pets are missing out on a great experience to take of something

Lets face it most people will go on and become parents at some point in their lives. A great way to start on your experience of taking care of someone is to start with an animal. Most animals aren't going to be as hard to take care of so it is a great way to start.
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10. They're always there for you

Whether its when i come home from school or go to bed at night my pets are all there. They lay with me and I enjoy their company. I think a great quote on pets that i always think about is, "while our pets might not be here our whole life, we're going to be therefor their whole life." so I think that we should come to appreciate our pets.