My Digital Dossier

By: Hasan 7H

This is where it all started.

2010 was the year when my digital dossier started. My mom had created a Facebook account that year and posted a picture of our family on a picnic which obviously include me in it.

It kept going...

This process of me getting pictures uploaded to Facebook by my mom, uncles, aunts, relatives continued and still is being continued. These pictures included me at birthdays, restaurants, visiting houses, playing with toys, receiving awards, being on a plane etc.


On my 8th birthday was when I got my first PS3. I was so excited cause I knew all my friends had it and played online with each other. They all had whats known as a PSN account, this is an account you have to make in order to play with your friends online. This was where I made my first online account. After making my account, I played games such as FIFA, Minecraft, Call of Duty etc. with my friends and random people online. This was kind of like my first social media appearance which was controlled by ME.
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Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter

As I grew older,my friends talked a lot about having Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram. Since my friends had, I thought that I should have it too because it would make it so much easier to communicate with my friends and I can let people know what I am up to, share any cool photos of the time I was at Niagara Falls and other places, show pictures of me hanging out with my friends etc. So I finally made an account an account in 2015 and I found that it was pretty cool!



This isn't the end....

This isn't the end of my digital dossier, infact, this is just the beginning. I have many more years to live and along with that I have many more things to post and many more posts of me from other people. It's like a permanent marker and a wall of many pictures that keeps growing, the only difference is, everything's online. Whether I delete it or not, it stays there. This is my digital dossier. So far...