Red Beach Panjin China

Lavyion Johnson


Red Beach is on the Continent of Asia, it is in the Country of China and its latitude and longitude is 36.6025 South, 5,174.6945 East

Red Beach, Panjin China

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Primary or Secondary ?

Its features are created by geologic forces. It is a primary coast, it has been sinking relative to sea level since its existence. It is classified that way because it is not an actual beach. The forces that formed the beach is seaweed.

Active or Passive ?

Red Beach is closer to a plate boundary, it is not close to any tectonic activity and it is passive coast.

Emergent Submergent ?

It has been sinking relative to sea level since its existence. It is a submergent coast. It has changed over the last hundred years or so by growing more and ore and new things/ life becoming apart of it.

What color sand ? What is its origin?

The color is red, but it is not sand it is seaweed which is also known as Sueda. There is no rock type but the seaweed particles could come from different animals.

is Your Beach known for anything? what kind of waves? What is special about the water ?

There is no waves, if the wind blows it might move a little bit but not much, it is known for the red seaweed and the animals. Something special about the water is it is mostly green but when it hits Autumn that is when it turns pretty red. It has a flat topography.
Red Beach - Panjin, China

Beautiful Red seaweed

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