Andrew Jackson, Hero or Zero?

By: Sam Madsen

Indian Removal Act

During Andrew Jackson's presidency, he wanted to move the Cherokee off their land to a reservation. He moved them because he wanted the land to grow cotton and find gold. While he was moving them, the Cherokee went to court because they thought the removing was unjust. The Cherokee's case went all the way to the Supreme Court and they ruled the removing unjust as well. Andrew Jackson heard this news and and ignored the Supreme Court and continued to remove the Cherokee Tribe.

Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears was the act of Jackson removing the Cherokee. During the removal, the Cherokee were forced to walk through the burning heat and freezing cold. During the walk, more than 50% of the Cherokee tribe died before they made it to the reservation. When they did reach the reservation, the Cherokee started from scratch building new homes, starting farms, and starting their community again.
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Jackson Political Comic Strips

Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis was the act of Jackson putting tariffs on foreign products. The South disliked this because they didn't have factories so they had to buy products for more money. South Carolina refused to pay the overpriced tariffs and Jackson threatened them with the U.S army. Then, South Carolina threatened Jackson that they would secede the Union, but Jackson AGAIN threatened that he would hang the vice president. South Carolina and Jackson then agreed on a reasonable tariff priced and the problem was slightly resolved.

Point of View: Positive

I am a factory worker living in New York. I'm very pleased that Andrew Jackson won the election because he has done so many great things for my family and I. Since Jackson became president, he has raised tariffs, which has helped the economy greatly. The south has to buy supplies from us because the foreign goods are too expensive. This has impacted my life severely, giving me the opportunity to start my own business because I have gained so much extra money from these tariffs. Andrew Jackson is the best president ever!!!

Point of View: Negative

I am a Cherokee Indian living in Georgia. I am very upset that Andrew Jackson has won the election because we have heard horrid news that he is planning to move our tribe to Oklahoma so he can grow cotton and mine for gold. This will be extremely hard for our tribe because we have lived in the Georgia region for over 100 years and starting over will be a hardship. I know that it will take us a while to move, and the journey is very long i don't know how my tribe will survive. I'm very upset with Jackson and I dislike him strongly because of this.