How to survive 6th grade

trust me

How to open a locker

First you turn it to the right to your first number and stop at it.Then you turn it pass your second number and when you get to your second number and stop turning left.Then you go to your third number turning right.


do what the teachers say , don't disrespect , and don't play around

If you don't do what the teachers say then you have somthin(g) else coming your way.I mean one way your going to have to do something and not get in trouble, and another way your going to have to do the same thing but be in trouble.If you disrespect you will have a bad reputation with teachers, and trust me you don't want that.And don't, just don't play around cause it really messes with your grades if you touch others, hit others, run, or yell, or any type of horse play that is playing around.

listen to me

listen to this guy|
Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Responsible