Top 5 Tv Shows Of 2013

Patrick Smith

Walking Dead #1

This show got #1 because it had great suspense and acting. It is action pact and always keeps you interested. The show has a great story line and is well organized.

Duck Dynasty #2

This show was full of comedy and action. The show is about rednecks having a good time and that's what is so great about it. I choose this as #2 is because sometimes it was there were things that didn't need to be in there.

Myth Busters #3

I choose this show because I like science and cool experiments. This show shows cool and interesting experiments like can a bullet go through water. This show has number #3 because it is interactive with the fans by busting their myths.

Around The Horn #4

This show is #4 because it has great news and information about what going on in the sports world. It also gives opinions on things like weather they should have hired that coach. This show can get dull and boring sometimes that is why it is #4.

Alaska The Last Frontier #5

This show is about Alaska natives who try to survive the harsh Alaskan life. This show is a cliff hanger and is unique. This show got #5 because it was great but I felt like it could be more organized.