September 8,2015

Elevator Speech

At the convocation, Dr. Bays mentioned the Elevator Speech. She stated that the Elevator Speech is something you would say to somebody if you had 30 seconds to brag on what your school, your department, or the district has accomplished. I know these past two weeks we have had great things going on at FMS to brag about. So next week, I will be going around and asking you to share with me your Elevator Speech. I look forward in hearing about all the brags of FMS.

KSAT 12 was on campus Thursday to interview Raymond Buruato on how teachers use technology in the classroom. Mr. Buruato uses the App called Periscope that lets him video instructional strategies such as the steps in solving a math problem. Then he shares that link with parents and students for them to review at home. Below is the link to the FISD Facebook page. The story will air some time in September.

Lastly, read the article "Whatever it Takes for Kids...Except for That!" Do our actions say something different?

Enjoy your three day weekend.

Brick House-Every Student Completes Every Assignment

This past week was the first use of the ICU list. Remember you do not have to call home when placing a student on the list but you do have to call home when you assign the student to ICU tutorial. Make sure you give that parent advance notice so that they can make transportation arrangements.

"Assignments must transition(metamorphosis) from something to do and complete to Practice for learning.

Instead of Work/Assignments say Practice; Instead of homework/academic weakness say Extra Practice; Instead of Missing Assignments say Missing Practice."


The next PLC meeting on Wednesday, September 16 will be exploring online resources.

Classroom Walkthroughs


7th Grade Math Teachers:

Students took notes about vocabulary (sales tax, income tax, and earned wages) using Cornell Notes. Students were actively engaged in counting their own money and looking through a sales flyer to determine what they wanted to buy. Activity allowed students to make a connection between the vocabulary and a real world application (sales receipt/tax). After finding the total cost of the items they bought, students learned how to calculate sales tax and add it to their subtotal.

8th Grade Math

K. Kirtland/Gastauer both were in power zone thru out lesson; where one teacher left off the other continued .

Social Studies

Christen Cozart had great transition to SGPT during 8th grade Social Studies


David Merten incorporated two FSGPT's during a 15 minute time span.


Mrs. Aschenbeck's 6th grade fine arts students are learning about color theory by creating a color wheel.


A gentle reminder that the Pride Activities Monday-Friday are not an option. The Pride activities have been planned out for the entire year so all you have to do is to be prepared daily by looking at the calendar prior to Pride.

Monday-Pride Lesson

Tuesday-DEAR (have reading materials for those students who do not have anything to read.) Complete Reading Logs for students.

Wednesday-Study Hall (look at ICU list). If they do not have any work, then they should be reading.

Thursday-Rotation Schedule or studentnewsdaily.org

Friday-Teambuilding/Completing Pride Lesson

Spotlight Member of the Week: Leticia Estrada

From a Staff Member: You went above and beyond when you went with a student to another class to ensure she was able to complete the assignment for the day. You truly are blessing to these kids and they see that you are here for them.

To nominate a staff member for Spotlight Member of the Week email a Cross the Line Form to Marcia Gonzales

Picture and Caption-Week of September 8-Christen Cozart and Kim McCool

Submit your picture and caption( 2 to 3 sentences) to Valerie Elias and Kim Cathey no later than Thursday, September 10.

Concession Stand-September 10-Liana Martinez and Crystal Valadez

Get cash box and Pizza from Mrs. Elias

School Events

September 7-School Holiday

September 9 Cookie Dough Fundraiser-Assembly at 1:22

September 10

Jaguar Volleyball VS. Scobee 8th (A)/7th (H) 5:00PM

September 12

Tiger Football VS. Terrell Wells 8th (A)/7th (H) 9:30 AM

On the Horizons

September 14

Open House 6:30-7:30

September 17

Jaguar Volleyball VS. McNair 8th (A)/7th (H) 5:00PM

September 19

Tiger Football VS. McNair 8th (A)/7th (H) 9:30 AM

September 23 Student Early Release/Staff Development

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Ends

Pep Rally

September 24

Jaguar Volleyball VS. McAuliffe 8th (H)/7th (A) 5:00PM

September 26

Tiger Football VS. McAuliffe 8th (H)/7th (A) 9:30 AM

September 29

7th and 8th Band Fall Concert