Asheville Primary School

APS Family Connection 8/19/2020


Starting next week, we will be posting school announcements on our Facebook and SeeSaw each day. Every episode will feature a special guest from our school or community to get you started for the day. These videos will be a great way to get your kids started for a great day of learning. They will be available to watch at 8:15 every morning. If you are not able to watch them at 8:15, view them at your convenience.


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Our preschoolers are doing an amazing job keeping it safe...and clean!


SLOW Opening

We are so excited to start our 2020-21 school year with you! This year looks like no other. This week and next, your teachers will be working on:

  • creating at home learning packets for you to use for lessons
  • getting in contact with EVERY child and family
  • setting up accounts for remote learning
  • getting all children set up with devices for instruction

It will seem to start at a much slower pace than in other years, but the behind the scenes work is anything, but slow. All of our staff are pulling together to help make sure that every child gets a strong start to the school year.

You should expect lots of communication from your child's classroom teacher through emails, phone calls, texts, and Google Meets. You will start to see communication from other staff as the year gets started (i.e. Enhancements, support staff, EC teachers, etc.)

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Device/Materials Pick Up

Thursday and Friday will be our device and materials pick up at the school in the lower parking lot (near the mural). Please follow the directions of staff when you arrive. You will stay in your vehicle and a staff member will bring you your child's materials.

If you are using an Asheville City Schools device, you will be asked to pay a device fee of $35 for the year. If you would like to fill out a waiver form for a reduced rate ($5), please let a staff member know. It is a simple form and can be filled out on site. The link below is available for you to pay fees online with a debit or credit card.

There will be LOTS of items sent home. It is important to keep those materials in a special place in your home. Designate a space for learning and keep your materials in that area. This will be important for lesson participation.

If you have a conflict with Thursday and Friday, please reach out to your child's teacher.

STAR Reading

Many of you have been asking about Lexia Reading. The district has purchased subscriptions to STAR Reading for us. This is an interactive site for foundational reading skills. It includes instructional materials and online assessments. The assessments will be required as part of the district assessment plan. Please stay tuned as our teachers explore this new tool through continued training. In the meantime, keep reading with your child to continue a love of reading.
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