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Important Information For Every Consultant to Review

All things you need to know as an Independent Consultant with Arbonne. If you have any questions regarding any of the information below, you can always ask your upline manager or email Arbonne's Best Department at: . You can also access additional information by going to the best website: and choose your home country . There is also a wealth of information that is available to you on the Source once you login to Arbonne's website, go to Resources, and scroll down to The Source, and then type in BEST or any specific tag line that could bring up the information you are wanting.

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Updated Arbonne ICCS Statement for Each Country


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Trending Recent Updates

B Corp Training Updates as of May 18 2020

We are so proud to share that we now have additional B Corporation training materials and resources available in the B Corporation section of The Source (found in Trending this Week or in the New Consultant Essentials sections).

We’ve released 4 new training videos along with a company approved B Corporation Elevator Speech to ensure we are consistent in our messaging as we spread the message of Arbonne working towards being the best company for the world. Through these resources you will be able to learn about the ABCs of why Arbonne is a B CorpTM, what this certification means for your business, how to spread the message of using business as a force for good, and the driving force behind our sustainability efforts. More assets and training will continue to be created and we welcome your suggestions!

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please feel free to reach out to Andrea Chase, our Director of Corporation Responsibility & Social Impact, at We are so thrilled to have you along on our sustainability journey!

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Most Recent Updates as of May 8 2020

We have just posted more new tools tonight in Trending This Week to help support your training with your Teams.

New content includes:

*Discover Arbonne script without slides created with ENVP Cecilia Leite Stoll: This is a fresh take on how you can compliantly share the Arbonne Opportunity. A version of this script with slides will be coming soon. Here's the shareable link:…/view/arbonne/wy4sernzhd/Discover

Arbonne with ENVP Cecilia Stoll

*Sharing Arbonne Products Training Tool: This one-page tool helps to identify how to compliantly make and share claims about any of our products. Here's the shareable link:…/view/arbonne/5cn75ahigb/Sharing

Arbonne Product

*30 Days to Healthy Living Cheat Sheet: This is an updated version of the one page tool, following the updated 30 Days to Healthy Living Guide, to share with Preferred Clients getting started with the Program. Here's the shareable link:

Days Cheat Sheet

More training content and videos will be coming soon!! Keep an eye out here as well as in Trending This Week to stay up to date on all new and updated content.

Most recent Update as of May 11th

Regarding Google Ads

Hi NVP’s! As promised, we had a Leadership Council Meeting this morning to discuss Google Ads. We have together agreed to take the following actions:

  1. Clarify our policy on placing google ads or any other digital ads:

    • You may not use Arbonne’s tradenames and trademarks and brand names including: ARBONNE, RE9 ADVANCED, INNER CALM, TRUE HAIR, ARBONNE ESSENTIALS, etc.
    • Your own name is ok, and so are the words “Independent Consultant” in your ad, but not Arbonne Independent Consultant (see above).
    • Generic words are also ok: “vegan skincare”, “kosher”, “healthy lifestyle”, “clean skin” etc.
    • The phrase “Independent Consultant” or “Independent Seller” needs to be in the first headline of the ad, and you must identify yourself again as “Independent Consultant” or “Independent Seller” in the description section of the ad, to avoid confusing yourself with the Arbonne Home Office.

2) Arbonne plans to purchase search engine ads for branded terms to support and any Arbonne products. This will protect our brand and help ensure Arbonne corporate ads rank first in any branded search.

These changes go into effect immediately. Please understand that even though it is effective immediately, you still might see some IC sites come up higher in the short term due to historical searches and over time this will self-resolve. Also, if you had a prospect, client, PC or IC that has clicked on another PWS in the past, that search result might come up first for them.

We appreciate your patience and partnership!

Most Recent Updates as of May 11th

Updated Training & Communication Tools

Our updated Training and Communications tools continue to come!

Tonight, we are launching the updated is Arbonne For You tool to help you share the Opportunity virtually or in-person in a simple, stream-lined way.

You will note that the ICCS data is now the updated 2019 numbers. Those have also now been updated and can be found when you visit

Is Arbonne For You will be linked in the US Trending This Week within the next 30 minutes. Localized / translated versions will follow as soon as possible.

In addition, we have posted a video and script from ENVP Nina Alexander with a compliant, shorter version of a Discover Arbonne without slides. Here's the link in The Source, Trending This Week:

Arbonne with ENVP Nina Alexander

Is Arbonne For You ( US)

Trending Updates Say This Not That... May 12th

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