Evolutionary Biology

By Ryan Chapin

An evolutionary biologist

an evolutionary biologist is a person who studies all life and how they came to be through natural selection and their certain genes being passed on to certain animals.

Famous Evolutionary biologists



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Charles Robert Darwin

He Created the theory of evolution. Charles darwin was born on february 12, 1809.He was the second youngest of six children. Darwin came from a long line of scientists. Darwin's exposure to all kinds of animals. all over the globe raised important questions. noticed similarities among species all over the globe. This was that raised the theory of evolution.

Jean Babtise Lamark

was born on August 1, 1744, in the village of Bazentin-le-Petit in the north of France. He was the youngest of eleven children in a family with a centuries-old tradition of military service. Beginning in 1801, Lamarck began to publish details of his evolutionary theories. created the idea of heredity.

Alfred Wallace

He created intelligent evolution, which is basically natural selection. Darwin and Alfred were both kinda against each other.