Learning about the six energies

Come and learn with us at 5!

First we learn about Mechanical energy!

Mechanical energy is when we move something or anything. We use mechanical energy when we move a box or push a cart.Mechanical energy all depends on the location of the object. If an object has more mechanical energy it has more work to it.

Next we learn about Electromagnetic energy!

Electromagnetic energy is a form of energy that travels through space. It can be produced

by solar powered energy like the sun. These energies can include Radio waves and Television wave.

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Some of our top energies!

Our last instructor is....

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Nuclear Energy!

Nuclear energy is stored in the nucleus of atoms. The atoms split the energy is released but when two atoms come together the energy is joined. Nuclear energy is put in bombs but could be made in Nuclear power plants.

Our class will be over at 8!

We hope you will have fun going from station to station! Our price is $19.15 per person