Equal Distribution of School Funds

By: Michael A., Austin L., Karthi L. & Blake B.

Campaign Proposal


The Concerned High School Students are worried about how school funding maybe used for extracurricular activities instead of the essentials. These essentials would be core classes that aren't as recognized as important.


High School Learners- who are able to look at this money usage and realize it's full potential else were

High School Teachers- who want change in the daily place they work and spend most of their time.

Concerned Citizens-who may have children or job oppurtunities in the future that pertain to CHS

Concerned Parents- who have a right to know what their money is going towards when enrolling their child at CHS


Our Group believes that school funding should be equally split up between different departments besides athletics.

Ad 1: Radio Ad by Michael

Target Audience: Concerned Parents

Ad Placement and Reasoning

This radio broadcast will go live from 8 am-10 pm on kiss 69.5 fm, 106.1 kiss fm & also the KCBY video will have a short segment talking about the broadcast this following week. Many parents in the area listen to kiss 69.5 fm and 106.1 kiss fm indicated by recent polls. KCBY is also a parent favorite news station across the coppell area due to its widescale popularity.

Propaganda Techniques

In the Radio Ad, the Bandwagon is used to greatly persuade parents that they should be along side the people looking for change in the Distribution of Funds in CHS. The Radio show talk host tells the audience to sway away from the athletics department funding so Dominantly that it indicates a massive change in opinions. The Radio Host also talks about groups of parents being "without common sense" & "Thinking everything is fine" which is a clear indicator of Name Calling. Name calling shows the Host has a bias towards the "parents that don't care" in particular. The host ends the Radio ad with, Appeal to Pity which directly reinforces the original statement of students being hindered by the "wrong" uses of School Funding in CHS.

Ad 2: Poster #1 by Blake

Big image

Target Audiance: High School Students

Ad Placement and Reasoning

It will be posted in the hallways, student services windows, and the main doors. These places get a lot of traffic, and would get a lot of attention from students.

Propaganda Techniques

This poster uses False Dilemma to get people to feel pressured into thinking one path is more important than another. It uses fear to make people think spending more money on football would lead to a lot of people failing their dreams, whereas spending in other fields would help our students a lot more. It uses name calling to essentially insult people in athletics/sports into thinking their activities don’t matter as much.

Ad 3: Poster #2 by Austin

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Target Audience: High School Teachers

Ad Placement and Reasoning:

The posters will be placed in teacher's mailboxes. They will also be posted in the teacher's lounge and workrooms. Another placement of the poster will be on the doors of the school entrances. These placements were chosen because the locations are where the teachers visit the most on school days.

Propaganda Techniques:

In this poster advertisement, testimonial is used to convince the audience that there should be balance between the money being spent in the different programs. The celebrity Jeremy Lin, an NBA player helps bring this technique into effect. Celebrity Jeremy Lin following this propaganda movement can influence teachers to support this because, it can tell the teachers if a famous person is following the movement so should they. A celebrity following the movement can also reveal to the teachers how important the matter must be. Jeremy's testimony leads to the glittering generality "balance". The glittering generality leads the audience to the main reason for the movement, the balance of funds to different programs in the school. The other technique used in the poster advertisement is the plain-folks appeal. This technique is used to express the fact that not only are celebrities concerned about this matter, but regular students also desire and appreciate a bright future ahead of them.

Ad 4: KCBY clip by Karthi

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Target Audience: Concerned Citizens

Ad Placement and Reasoning

This video will be a short clip in this week’s KCBY. KCBY is a weekly video that talks about what is going on at Coppell High School. All the students and the teachers of Coppell High would be able to see the ad this way.

Propaganda Techniques

In this KCBY clip, the words “Even distribution of wealth” is repeated a couple of times. Those words are actually a slogan. It is repeated a couple of times for emphasis and for people to remember the main idea of the video. The next technique used is plain-folks appeal. This technique is used to show that two regular students are genuinely concerned about the even distribution of wealth throughout the school. The last technique used is appeal to fear. This technique is used to make the audience understand the importance of even distribution of wealth by inducing fear into them by telling them what would happen if too much of the funds is used up by the clubs and sports and if too much of the funds is used up for education alone.