We have added NEW Services to Grow Your Business.

Capitol Hill Strategy Solutions is officially your ONE STOP SHOP for Business Development, Training, and Consultation!

In addition to our existing services, we have added several more services to help grow any business. We are here, regardless of if you're at your starting point, still building, or simply looking to make changes! We have added the options of webinars or on-site facilitation to provide you with a "do it yourself" approach. We provide the knowledge and you incorporate it into your business model!

We are also on-hand to completely build breath-taking business or personal websites, manage the website, and control its SEO optimization to draw potential customers and clients to the site. Don't worry, we're not stopping there, we also offer complete Digital Marketing that guarantees to increase the visibility of your business!

Please visit for a full list of the services that we provide! Also, we are still offering business, financial, and/or legal consultation and strategic planning to ensure that your business is headed in the right direction with minimal risk.

There's no excuse, anything that you need, we have it! We make it a mission to provide quality but also affordable business development services to our clients! Sign up with us today!

Capitol Hill Strategy Solutions

Capitol Hill Strategy Solutions is a national company that specializes in providing workshop-style training, consultation, and full-scale business development services to mid-level companies and non-profit organizations.

Our Services are guided by years of extensive experience in working with multi-level companies and charities by handling all of their business development needs. We also offer affordable consultation that is designed to support business owners in attaining their goals from comprising a strategic plan all the way to implementation.

Business Development Services include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Consultation (Legal & Financial are also provided)

  • White Papers

  • Ad copy

  • Business letters and Plans

  • Proposals

  • Resumes and cover letters

  • Brochures

  • Newsletters and Blogs

  • Website Development and Management

  • Essays

  • Press releases

  • Editing and Proofing Services

  • Sponsorship Packages

  • Public Relations

  • Promotional Marketing