Bright Ideas in CITW

October 2015

Welcome Back

I hope you enjoy your second installment of this CITW newsletter. This month you'll find videos, books, activities and personal effort stories both that I have found and some submitted by other teachers. If you have any videos, books, activities or stories to share, please let me know, I'm always thinking ahead to the next newsletter.

Effort Videos

Effort Books

Effort Activity

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An Effort Activity

From Kristina Lodes

Starting last year, Kristina created an Effort Wall of Fame above her student's cubbies. Her students were invited to bring an item to symbolize something they had worked hard to acheive. They then could share with the class about how they worked hard and what they accomplished. After each student shared, the class repeated “Wow, states their name, you must have worked really hard on that.”

Personal Effort Story

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Sit Down or Keep Running

From Emily Sidler

During 3rd Grade's PLC Emily shared a story she's used with her students. A few months ago, Teresa and Emily were running together along a trail. Teresa was running faster and ended up far ahead of Emily. At this point, Emily realized she would never catch up to Teresa. She decided she had two options, sit down in the middle of the trail and wait for someone to carry her (which would not happen) or keep moving in order to finish and maybe along the way she could get some encouragement and support. She may never catch up but if she kept running, she could finish. However, she had to be the one to make herself keep moving, no one could do it for her. Finishing the run would require just as much hard work, if not more hardwork, for her as it did for Teresa. She chose to keep running and finish, because she realized even though they wouldn't finish at the same time, no one could finish the run but her.

Emily uses this as a metaphor for her students. Other students may finish their work faster and more easily. You can choose to "sit down" and give up OR realize you can do the same work, it will just take you longer. Finishing the "run" will make you stronger and faster next time, "sitting down" will keep you where you are now.

Emily says that she asks her students when they struggle, "Are you going to sit down or keep running".