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Staff Newsletter: December 2015


Hour of Code was a huge success for our students. Students in grades 1, 4/5 ,5/6, 6/7 and 8 had an opportunity to explore coding through a variety of online games and activities. It was great to see ALL the students engaged and on task. If your class did not get an opportunity to participate, you need not worry. Code.org is always available and can be incorporated into many curricular areas.

Feel free to speak with me to plan some coding tasks we can work on collaboratively with your students.

Library Book Exchange

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who uses the library. Your help in checking-in and checking-out books and keeping the library organized noticed and much appreciated.

Did you know that each student is encouraged to sign out two books? If your student has not returned a book, please use your professional judgement to decide if you want them to take out an additional book.

Library Ambassadors & Volunteers

We have a number of students in grade 4-8 who have volunteered to be Library Ambassadors. These students assist in the library at morning recess. They are doing a fabulous job and help to keep the library maintained and organized. The ambassadors demonstrate responsibility, leadership, collaboration and commitment.

In addition to our ambassadors, we are fortunate to have Maria, a mother of children in grade one and Laura (my sister-in law) help out weekly with library organization and upkeep.

Forest of Reading

Our School will be participating in the Forest of Reading recreational reading program through the Ontario Library Association. Students from K-8 will have the opportunity to read (or have read to them) a variety of text appropriate to their age and grade level. The School Council has paid for the the books. The program and books will be introduced to the students in early January. Additional detail will be provided at that time.

Should you be interested in reading more about the Forest of Reading visit this link.

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Just a little entertainment! This has nothing to do with the Library...

For those of you who like Ellen DeGeneres or the music of ADELE you might enjoy this little video. I thought it was quite funny!
Ellen Inspired Adele's New Song