Willow Lane News Update

10th Edition: 2015 Winter Holidays

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner has come and gone. What was your favorite part? This question prompted Willow Lane Newspaper Club members, Jayden Green and Cyan Kvacky, with the help of their classmate, Hushrit Grewal, to investigate, report, and make a movie. The project was inspired, planned, filmed, edited, and produced 100% by this phenomenal fourth grade trio.
Christmas Dinner

Looking for Advice

A couple of Mr. Weimann's 3rd graders practice-read an announcement that they delivered over the intercom. 15 minutes later. The school newspaper is looking for kids to write letters asking questions and looking for advice. These letters should be placed in the "Advice" Box in the school lobby.
December Advice Column Morning Announcement

Pondering Picking Perfect Presents For Your Parents?

The Willow Lane Advice Squad is here to help!

Picking out the right gift for your parents and other relatives can be tricky. Here is our advice to help you find just the right present.

First, figure out how much money you have to spend. If you need more money, you can try to do some chores or maybe sell hot chocolate.

Next, think about what your parents like, so that you can find the right gift. Think about their personalities, their favorite color, things they like to do, things they like to wear, and things they might need for work. That should give you some good ideas.

If you’re still not really sure what to get, you can ask another family member or a friend what your parents like or what they need.

If you don’t have any money to spend on gifts, you can try to make something for your parents, such as an ornament, a holiday decoration, a piece of homemade jewelry, something knitted, or something from the rainbow loom.

Remember, you are not just getting a gift because it is a holiday, you are getting it because you care about your parents. It’s the thought that counts!

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The 5th Grade Concert

By Aleena Khokhar

The 5th grade concert was very interesting and fun to watch. One of my thoughts was that the kids were very dressed up. They all looked great in their holiday clothing. They performed six holiday songs. My favorite song was Rock the Holly because the kids were dancing while singing. Mrs. Dry did a great job helping the kids perform. I thought that the concert was very cool and fun.

I even got to interview 5th graders while they were waiting in the cafeteria. Some of the kids said that they were nervous, but once they were on the stage they were fine. Other kids said they worked really hard and had a lot of fun. This year the 5th grade concert was awesome. I can’t wait for the next one.
"Rock the Holly" 5th Grade Assembly

Zoom in on the Image Game with Kya Vandersluis

Kya brings us more pictures again this month. Here are the zoomed in images. See if you can guess what the picture will. The zoomed out images appear later on in the paper.

Second Grade Writing Extraordinaire

Mrs. Secrist's students are at it again! If the warm weather doesn't make you think of summer the next story might. One of Mrs. Secrist's second grade students wrote this imaginative tale about summer being saved by a magical canine. Check it out! And, write a comment at the bottom of the newspaper if you liked it and/or would like to see more of these. I know the author would love your feedback!
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Where do Snow Days Come From?

Not that I am wishing snow upon us, but if winter did decide to show up, how are snow days determined? Watch this video of a former Willow Lane student interviewing the East Penn School District Superintendent, Dr. Schilder, to find out.
Wintery Weather

Barnes and Noble Night


Before clicking on and watching the following video, you should know that you will be humming, singing, eating and drinking this song for days. Even the videographer, an up and coming newspaper club member (I hope:), could not resist the pull of the simple tune! Listen for his adorable accompaniment from his father's shoulders as Willow Lane fourth graders hypnotize you with their sensational singing and catchy choreography.
Rock and Roll Snowman song

Teacher skit at Barnes and Noble Night

Matthew Grossi

At Barnes and Noble night some of the teachers performed a funny skit. They acted out a book called “Frostbite.” One of the teachers/author read the book. Her name is Mrs. Dweck. She read the book while the other teachers acted. There was a kid, mom, cat, and a dog. The story is about a kid who wants a dog, but his mom won’t let him get one. Then he found an ice dog in the snow. His mom actually liked it, but the dog kept fighting with the cat. When they brought the dog in, he started to melt. They decided to have an ice bath shaped bed next to the boy’s bed to sleep in.

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Mrs. Dweck's Books

Katherine Harries

At the Barnes and Noble night for our school Mrs.Dweck was selling books. Some of the book’s were Frostbite, Crowned, and Mary had a Sleepy Sheep. If you didn’t get one, you definitely should.

Editor's Note

The newspaper club has begun using Google Docs to not only type articles, but also share comments. Students plan and write their stories on paper. Then they look up additional information and pictures on the Internet, while typing the stories into a document that is shared with their teammates. The press team has enjoyed reading and complimenting one another's work through this forum.
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Lightning Supply Shack

by: Lency T

The Lightning Supply Shack this year was a huge success. It was the Willow Lane School store. It gave kids chances to buy school supplies if needed, or if they just wanted to buy some stuff. They had pencils, grips, folders, and pencil cases. What I found really cool was that they had a paint set for 1$. I didn't get that, though. The pencils were 25 cents; the folders were $1.50; the grips were 25 cents; and the pencil cases were $1.50. But anyway, the Lightning Supply Shack was a cool, fun and nice experience. Click this link for more information. Lightning Supply Shack
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Santa Around the World!

by Juliana DeDona and Cassie Doemling

Did you know that the word Santa Claus came from the Dutch figure Sinterklaas based on Saint Nicholas? Also, Santa started hundreds of years ago, but not all places celebrate Christmas the same way. Santa has many different names in different countries. In Denmark Santa is called Julemanden. You know how you usually leave out cookies for Santa? Well, in Denmark they leave out rice pudding! Did you know in French Santa is called Le Pere Noel? In France some kids will leave treats in their shoes. They will give Pere Noel biscuits instead of cookies. Even Though Santa is different around the world, the meaning is the same. It is about giving to others. That is the true meaning of Christmas and Santa Claus.

Christmas in Sweden

Hailie Heller

Around Chistmas time in Sweden, one of the biggest celebrations is St. Lucia,s Day (or St Lucy,s Day) on December 13th.

Check this out for more information:

Santa's Hat

by Julena Patel

Santa’s hat is something that people around the world wear at Christmas time. Santa wears it all the time. The hat is red with a white pom pom at the top. It also has white fluff at the bottom. Santa’s hat matches with his red suit. However, his hat does not match his black boots. Thomas Nast drew Santa’s hat. He drew the whole outfit.

Want to know more? After Googling “History of Santa’s Hat”; Here is a “Yahoo Answer”:


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Willow Lane Holiday Shoppe

Face Painting at Holiday Shoppe

Kya VanDerSluis

On Saturday at the Holiday shoppe a lady named Alicia VanDerSluis was painting faces.

She did lots of reindeer faces. One that was really funny was a Santa Clause. He had a snowy white beard and a pitch black pair of glasses. There were also many puppy faces. In my opinion I think this year's holiday shoppe was awesome!!! I am so happy I came!

The Holiday Shoppe

Nisma Abouomar

At the Holiday Shoppe parents and family all go to the Holiday Shoppe to buy their kids toys so when the kids wake up and go to see what's under the Christmas tree, the only thing they wanted was under the Christmas tree. If you don't know what to get your child for Christmas, here’s some advice: If your kid wanted something, and you said, no, and your kid really wanted it, get it for them. Well, that's all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Raffle Baskets At The Holiday Shop

This year at the Annual Willow Lane Holiday Shop they had raffle baskets. The raffle baskets had American Girl Dolls for girls, A Sports Basket for boys, even Massages for adults and bowling for any age. Actually 3 people won twice this year. Dr. Moyer announced the winners at 12:00. Everyone who won, ran up and collected their prizes.

Writer: Louis Lichter

Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf Tradition!!!

By Jackson and Colin Holden

The Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition. The Elf on the Shelf is basically an elf that watches you to see if you’ve been naughty or nice and reports to Santa. The Elf on the Shelf hides, and you find it. You're not allowed to touch the elf, or it will lose its magic. The elf wears a red coat with a santa hat. So that's the Elf on the Shelf tradition!!!

2015 Winter Holiday Assembly

Elf On The Shelf Compare And Contrast

By Aryel Amoros and Carina McCallum

Did you know there are two completely different kinds of Elf On The Shelf that have some similarities and differences? One elf’s name is Sparkle, and she is a girl. Sparkle is store-bought. Sometimes she hides in naughty places and sometimes nice places. Sparkle is Aryel's Elf. She makes my mom coffee and she steals my candy.

Carina’s elf’s name is Elfvin. He hides in very good (and sometimes very funny) hiding places, like in my stocking or in the bathroom. Elfvin is not from a store. Elfvin wears all different color clothes. Elfvin is a small elf… he’s about two times smaller than normal elves.

Here are some similarities. They both are adorable and cute. They both are sneaky. They both wear different colored clothes. There is also the similarity of them both being flexible. Last but not least they are both magical. As you can see elves can be different and the same; Sparkle and Elfvin sure are!

Muhlenberg tap

Muhlenburg Colleage Tap Ensemble

by Lency T

The Muhlenburg Collleage Tap Ensemble came to Willow Lane Elementary School in Macungie, PA. It was a cool experince because we learned so much, like you can tap with your sneakers. But, the reason I liked it a lot was because I got to interview a tap dancer, Ally. She likes to tap when she is stressed out, and it’s fun. She is 19 years old. She started tapping at the age of 3. She said the people that inspired her to tap dance were the ones from “back then,” like Fred Astaire. But, her biggest influence was George Hines.

Poetry Corner

Flu Shots (Editorial)

The flu can be horrible. Is a shot better? The thought drove a Willow Lane fourth grader to pen the following poem. It was delivered to the paper via Ava Peloso, a Willow Lane Newspaper Club Member.
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Alexis: Willow Lane’s school counselor, Miss. Pilsits has been putting out character traits for every month. This month’s character trait is Open-mindedness.

Garrett: We interviewed Miss. Pilsits and she told us why she picked the character trait Open-mindedness for this month.

Alexis: She said that not everyone celebrates Christmas.

Garrett: Open-mindedness means that you’re willing to try new things and take in other people’s ideas.

Here are the answers to the "Zoom in on an Image Game" with Kya Vandersluis

The Emmaus High School Spanish Club Helped Third Graders with a Winter Holiday Poinsettia Craft Project

Spanish Club Visits Willow Lane

Interviewing Alani From Mrs. Mauro's Fourth Grade Class, Alburtis Elementary School

Big image

Mr. Weimann

It was “Winter Holiday Pajama Day” at Willow Lane when the announcement was broadcast over the intercom: “Any newspaper club members who are available, please report to room 212.” As pjs-wearing third and fourth graders piled into my room, I tried inviting Mrs. Mauro to the Google Hangout for the third time. It was the first time we were using this technology with our classes, and there were still some kinks to iron out.

The Willow Lane Newspaper Club had been expecting this video chat experience. They were notified at Monday’s newspaper club meeting that they would be interviewing a student from another school via an online video chat program. Students were very excited. It was originally planned for Tuesday morning, but different situations kept pushing the interview back until about 50 pajama-clad kids packed the plush carpet and hard chairs of room 212 on Friday afternoon.

I texted Mrs. Mauro, the fourth grade teacher from Alburtis Elementary School. She notified me that her computer was having her reinstall the software, and that she would be able to chat soon. It was 2:40PM. We began getting nervous. Time was running out.

While waiting, the newspaper club read an excerpt from an email that spearheaded this entire project. They tried coming up with questions that they might ask Mrs. Mauro’s exceptional fourth grade student. Alani had stood before a room full of adults and delivered a speech that she had written. I don’t think I could have done that when I was in fourth grade! Mrs. Mauro had used Alani’s experience to teach her students question-generating skills. They composed open-ended, critical thinking questions that they typed into an online blogging program, Kidblog.com. Her students would read their questions to Alani, who would provide prepared answers; all while the Willow Lane Newspaper Club took notes. The press team was instructed to compose “follow up” questions while listening and reporting, so that they might deepen their understanding of the story and gather additional facts and details for their reports.

Time ticked away, and finally, a voice rang through the speakers. Mrs. Mauro had entered the Google Hangout session. She introduced Alani to the newspaper club and the interview was on! Attire aside, the press team was very classy. Look for their full report in the next installment of Willow Lane News Update.