Julius Caesar

The Play

Play description

This amazing play by Shakespeare is about the Great ruler of Rome Julius Caesar and the envious conspirators who were thought to be Caesar's friends. These Conspirators trick more of Caesar's friends to turn on him. A soothsayer warns Caesar to beware the ides of March. On the ides of March the conspirators plan to kill Caesar at the Senate House. When at the Senate House They distract Caesar. Then when poor Caesar's guard is down the conspirators stab him 32 times. Antony is outraged and at Caesars funeral after one of the conspirators Brutus speaks he rally's the people together to fight these conspirators who have killed their beloved Caesar. After the funeral the people look for these murderers and kill them for their crime, but Brutus and Cassius escape. Antony meets with Octavius Caesar's brother and they set out after Brutus and Cassius. Antony's and Octavius's army meet Cassius's and Brutus's army on the battle field. What will happen? Will Antony and Octavius succeed? Or will it be Cassius and Brutus? Will the once great Rome fall from this? Or will it rise from the ashes and rise to new heights? There's only one way to find out. So come on down to watch this amazing play.

Event Information

  • location: Au Gres- Sims High School 310 S Court St. Au Gres MI 48703
  • When: May 22-24
  • Show times: noon, 4:00, 8:00
  • Tickets are $5 and 5 and under are free ( you cannot purchase tickets until the day of the event)


Rest of Cast

  • Calpurnia (Caesar's wife)- Sydney Walker

  • Portia (Brutus's wife)- Kara Caulfield

  • Conspirators with Brutus

Casca- Connor Kubik Decius Cassius- Ryker Forton Cinna- Panther

Metellus Cimber- Kody Gordon Trebonius- Travis Boetefuer Caius Ligarius- Gip Stutts

  • Senators

Cicero- Damion Shirkey Popilius Lena- Ethan Gary Publius- Jared Smith

  • Tribunes2 of the people

Flavius- Jared Rollins Marullus- Devin Cory

  • Officers and Soldiers in the army of Brutus and Cassius

Lucilius- James Franco Titinius- Bradley Cooper Messala- Orlando Bloom

Young Cato- Heath Ledger Volumnius- Gerard Butler Varro- Chris Pine

Claudius- Tom Hardy Clitus- Taylor Lautner Dardanius- Ryan Reynolds

Labeo- Logan Lerman

  • Pindarus (Cassius's servent)- Robert Pattinson Lucius (Brutus's servant)- Alex Pettyfer

Strato (Brutus's servant)- Ian Somerhalder Caesar's Servant- Will Smith

Antony's Servant- Robert Downey Jr. Octavius's Servant- Christian Bale

Carpenter- Tom Hanks Cobbler- Liam Neeson Messenger- Ryan Gosling

Soothsayer- Dominic Lutz Artermidorus (a teacher of rhetoric)- Josh Hutcherson

Cinna (a poet)- Matt Damon Another Poet- Morgan Freeman

  • Plebeians

  1. Ben Affleck
  2. Casey Affleck
  3. Warren Beatty
  4. Wes Bentley
  5. Matthew Broderick

  • Soldiers in Brutus's Army

  1. Johnny Depp
  2. Leonardo DiCario
  3. Brad Pitt

  • Soldiers in Antony's Army

  1. Chris Hemsworth
  2. Hugh Jackman

  • Ghost of Caesar, Senators, Plebians, Officers, Soldiers, and Attendants are played by the same person who plays their living Character.