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Happenings In Panther Nation - October 2021

When Marla and I travel, we enjoy trying new restaurants, especially for breakfast. When trying a new breakfast restaurant, my favorite item on the menu is an omelet. I love exploring the options available and selecting various ingredients for the perfect omelet.

I love it when I have the opportunity to watch the chef prepare an omelet. I get caught up in the process of scrambling the eggs, prepping the ingredients, pouring the eggs into the pan, adding the various components, and then folding the eggs over to complete the process of cooking an omelet. A great chef makes it all look so easy and delicious!

I believe there are several takeaways from the process of cooking an omelet.

  1. For us to have an omelet, eggs must be scrambled. Without scrambling eggs, we would have eggs but not an omelet. In our personal growth, it is very similar. We will experience events that, on the surface, feel like we are being scrambled up. These events can make us feel uncomfortable and uneasy when in reality, they are preparing us to improve. We choose how to handle these events. By embracing them, our life can take on an improved version of ourselves.
  2. After the eggs are scrambled, they must be poured into a pan placed on the stove burner, which causes the eggs to begin setting up and forming into an omelet. We will face events that test us and empower us to firmly establish and form our beliefs and values in our personal growth. Sometimes, these events will expose us to new views that can become part of the growth process!
  3. An omelet without additional ingredients is just folded scrambled eggs! We must add the ingredients to our omelet that make it unique for us. In our personal growth, we encounter various people, and each one can add something to our life. We have the choice to allow them to add value to our lives and make our lives extraordinary!
  4. The last part of making an omelet is folding it over and capturing all of the delicious ingredients. As we are on our growth journey, we have the choice to embrace all that comes our way and fold it up in us and become a better version of ourselves!

As much as I believe all of my thoughts from above, we have to recognize that life can throw a great deal at us at times, and we may not be able to handle everything that comes our way. This is the reason our district added our Employee Assistance Program.

There will be times that each one of us needs to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity. When that time comes, we need to embrace this part of the growth process and let it help us grow.

We can do this by following these steps:

Go to: https://www.awpnow.com/main/

Select: “Access Your Benefits”

Then follow the instructions that Hollie provided earlier in an email.


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School Board Update

During the October Board Meeting, the following items came before the School Board:

Kyle Johnson presented a finance update in which he showed updated enrollment and ADA figures and then gave an overview of the school audit process. Mr. Johnson closed the presentation with information on the possible purchase of two new school buses. This item will be presented as an action item in the November meeting.

Tiffany Carwell presented the annual update on the Emergent Bilingual Students (formerly ESL) program.

Dr. Katie Atkins discussed the characteristics of High Level of Quality Instruction and Professional Learning Communities.

The Board of Trustees acknowledged the 2021-2022 Employee Handbook.