A few words from the Library

Reading makes you taller and smarter!

Time for Study!

We've purchased a few study guides lately which could be of use for English study. As well as the ones pictured below we have Lord of the Flies, Hamlet, To Kill a Mockingbird, Cliff's Complete notes on Othello, not to mention all the other "older" ones we have in the literature section.....820's. These are available for loan from our library.

If you can't beat them, join them..........

Short Stories

We've been replacing a few of the short story classics - now you can read new copies of Katherine Mansfield & Janet Frame's short stories. Unfortunately a lot of titles have gone out of print so the tatty editions cannot be replaced. However, there are many new short story books to choose from.

Speaking of short stories, recently the short stories were separated from the rest of the collection and now are in a section of their own.

You know the book is good when you realise you've been reading it for hours when you only wanted to read for a few minutes.