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Disposable Diapers

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Using disposable diapers on your child is easier when traveling because you can throw them away immediately without having to bring them back home like you would do with cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are ultra-absorbant and tend not to leak.


Disposable diapers are sold at almost every retail store. Cloth diapers may be cheaper than disposable, but paying that extra cash is giving you a better and bigger benefit.


You should be changing your child's diaper every 2- 3 hours. Start off with all the items you need to change a diaper (new diaper, wipes, cream, etc.). Open up the new diaper, gently grab the child's ankles, lift them up, and slide the diaper under them. If taking off an old diaper, slide it out and wipe their bottom quickly. Then dispose of it and place cream on any irritated or dry parts of the baby bottom.

Different Brands

Some brands are more environmental than others. Usually the more all natural ones are a little more expensive than other brands. Examples of some popular/good brands are Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs.

This website gives you information on environmental arguments towards cloth and disposable diapers, the convenience of them, cost, and comfort. I felt it gave me a better variety of information.

Benefits of Using Disposable Diapers

Benefits of using disposable diapers

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Becoming more useful, babies are now sleeping better because disposable diapers give them a dry night. They prevent rashes that would normally come from leaving cloth diapers on for too long.