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~ May 2016 Edition ~

Welcome to the May 2016 Edition . . .

Of Tiger Tech Bits & Bytes News! Wow! End of the year! Just over one week left, MAP testing is done for some and in the middle of for others! This school year is rolling right on by. Before long we will be sitting on our porches enjoying the calmness and relaxation of summer break! Before we totally head out for summer, I wanted to share with you just a few things.

In this newsletter, I will give you a few updates and I will also provide you with a link to all the newsletters from the 15-16 school year, just in case you wanted to look at some of the information over summer.

As always, I hope you can find something you can use in the upcoming 16-17 school year and I hope you have enjoyed these newsletters. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know!

Enjoy your summer break!


Carmen Nolting

Table Of Contents

  • Google Classroom Update
  • Kami
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New Google Classroom Update Rocks!!

Earlier this month I was training our Super Second grade teachers on using Google Classroom. During this training, I was whining about how in Classroom you could only save your assignments, announcements and questions as a draft. Then you had to remember to come back to Google Classroom and post them when you wanted them available for the students. For example, when I leave for a technology conference, I have to remember the night before or morning of to post my assignments or my classes wouldn't have any work to do! Which makes for happy kids, but NOT happy substitutes! =)

Well, during this training, as we were creating an assignment together, I clicked the down arrow next to the Assign button in the assignment we were creating and guess what?? There was an option that said "Schedule" ! Leave it to Google to make a liar out of me!

So now, if you need to be gone and want to go ahead and get your assignments, announcements, or questions ready ahead of time, just click the down arrow on the Assign button and choose Schedule! Then pick the date and time you want the assignment to show up in your students' stream!

Google also announced that by this fall, you will be able to invite parents to view a digest of updates to your Google Classroom stream. This will make it much easier to keep parents informed of assignments and announcements!

Google Rocks!

Kami - PDF Sign, Edit, Review App

Have you ever had a .PDF file that you couldn't edit or manage very easily? Or one that you wanted to digitally annotate, or wanted your students to be able to highlight information in a variety of colors, underline key terms, or draw or type on using their computers or Chromebooks?

Well, let me introduce you to Kami! No, not our Middle School secretary, but Kami! An easy-to-use solution to using PDF's with your students! Now students can view and annotate PDF documents from within the Chrome Web Browser on their laptop or Chromebook. Once annotated, the files can be saved to GOOGLE DRIVE! This means it can be integrated with Google Classroom as well!

Install Kami from the Chrome Web Store to get started. There is a basic and a premium account. The basic features provide plenty of opportunity for teachers and students. Premium accounts will grant access to shapes and signing text. Once installed, go to your Google Drive and from the NEW button, Connect More Apps, connect the Kami app. You can then choose to make Kami the default app to open .PDF files if you'd like!

Let's get started. Open Kami and import a PDF file by clicking the box or go to the open file in the upper left hand corner. PDF files can be opened from your computer, Drop Box, or Google Drive. You can also open recent files that were edited in Kami! Now using the tools on the left hand side, students can start marking up their document! There are highlight, strikethrough, underline, add comments, add text, free draw, and an eraser tool. As mentioned before, in the premium account, you can insert shapes, signatures, and use voice-to-text features.

To save, click the sync button to sync to your Google Drive! Files can also be exported to other locations. Since these files are stored in Drive, they can be integrated with Google Classroom! Teachers can annotate a PDF file with directions, further explanation, guiding guestions, etc., then push it out in an assignment through Google Classroom selecting the option for each student to get a copy. Students can then open their copy in Kami, further annotate the file, and then turn back in!
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