How Our lungs work

and why they are important to our body

What Are Lungs

We have two lungs that make up one of the largest organs in our body. The left lung is a bit smaller than your right lung because you need room for your heart to fit in your chest to.

What Lungs Look Like

Our lungs look like a oval shape but not complete oval because there is the diaphragm crossing out the part of the oval shape. Another characteristic of our lungs are on the outside is a pinkish reddish color,but in the inside it is like a spongy.That is what the lungs look like.

How Our Lungs Work

When our lungs work we bring in air from our nose and get new fresh air that is called inhalation. When we bring out the carbon dioxide from your mouth that is called exhalation. Did you know that a healthy human body breaths 23,000 times a day.

Why Our Lungs are Imporant To Our Body

The answer is simple, if we did not have lungs we could not breath. Breathing gives us oxygen, and without lungs we can not get oxygen and none of our organs and other body parts will work.

What things Affect Our Lungs

Two major things that affect our lungs are, infections and smoking. How infections affect your lungs? With lung disease such as pneumonia, your lungs will fill with fluid and you can't breath. How smoking affect your lungs is when the chemicals in cigarettes stuck with your lungs and make them black.

How Can We Keep Our Lungs Healthy

Don't smoke and keep away from people who smoke. Another way that you can keep your lungs healthy is when your mom or dad use any chemicals tell them wear gloves and a mask. You should get plenty of exercise to keep your lungs strong.
Lung Anatomy