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Important Dates

School Improvement Team- Parents are welcome! 9.29.15 3:45pm
Open House PK, K, and 2 9.30.15 5:30-7:00pm
Open House Grades 1 and 3 10.1.15 5:30-7:00pm

Open House Grade 4 10.1.15 **New Time 5:00-6:30pm

Picture Day 10.16.15

School Improvement Team

Would you like to become a member of our Richmond School Improvement Team? Meetings are scheduled from 3:45 to 4:30 pm with babysitting provided (see meeting schedule below).






Please contact Mrs. Martin if you are able to attend.

Meeting Agenda

1. Mission, Vision and Beliefs

2. Guest Speaker (Chief Johnson on School Safety)

3. 2015-16 School Improvement Goals

Spotlight on Learning: Learning Targets

Learning targets and "I CAN" statements are based on the learning

objectives from the curriculum and written in student-friendly language.

These statements break down lofty objectives into learning targets

students can read and understand. When used consistently and accurately,they help students become more responsible for their learning and more reflective of their own work. Learning targets and "I CAN" statements also easily transition into assessments and allow for students and teachers to have a better discussion of their work.


PTO Basket Raffle

The PTO is seeking donations for its upcoming Basket Raffle, which will be held at the Fall Ball on Friday, October 23rd. The deadline for donations is October 9th. Please see the list of items requested from each grade. These items can be dropped off to your child’s teacher. If you would love to help but don't have time to shop, you have the option of donating a gift card or check made out to Richmond PTO (add: basket raffle to message line) to put towards purchasing basket raffle items. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Kindergarten Free Choice Centers

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Thank You To Our Hearing Screen Volunteers

Britt Ballard

Amanda Holt

Amy Lombardo

Kin McIntosh

Sandy Myers

We really appreciate your assistance!

Third Grade Team Learning About Our New Science Kits at Gems-net Training

Art Update

September Art Newsletter 2015

Hello Parents!

I hope you had a wonderful summer. Your children have been busy in the art room.

The annual Hope Valley/Wyoming Fire Poster Contest is underway. This year’s theme is, ”Hear the beep where you sleep. Every bedroom needs a working smoke alarm.”

Kindergarten and first graders received permission slips and grades two to four will have their posters signed on the back. Grades two to four will bring home their posters 9/16-9/18. The posters are made in art class. If your child is a winner, the fire company will give you a call to invite you to an award ceremony on October 4, 2015.

We are also working on our “Square One Art” Fundraiser. All students will make a drawing that our PTO will forward to a company where your child’s art will be made into stickers. These stickers are complimentary! Parents will receive a packet of information that includes an order form. Many items are available for you to order your child’s art on them if you like.

Soon after we will be participating in The Ocean State Transit Bus Contest. This year’s theme is, “Stop On RED!”. The winning student’s class will receive $300 toward a bus for their field trip! Posters will be made in art class.

Have you heard of HOP ARTS? It is a local community event where many local artists open their art studios to the public. This year’s dates are October 17th and 18th. Studios are in Hope Valley and Richmond. You can find more information on line.

Donations Accepted! If you are cleaning out yarn or craft supplies and don’t have a home for them I would be happy to take them. We use a wide range of supplies in the art room.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jean Mandeville

Help Wanted

We are looking for donations of small college sized refrigerators (needed to house insects for science in fourth grade). We are also looking for two high school students in need of service hours to babysit for our SIT meetings.

A Message From Our School Nurse

Pediculosis (head lice) has been discovered in several classrooms at Richmond Elementary School. Your child does not have head lice. DO NOT treat your child unless you find evidence of head lice. If I suspect your child has head lice, I will contact you. Lice are not known to transmit any disease and are not a public hazard.

Head lice are small and wingless. They are about the size of a sesame seed. The eggs appear on the hair shaft, approximately ¼ inch from the scalp, and are pinhead in size. The eggs appear similar to very small grains of rice. Please check your child’s hair daily for the next few weeks. Pictures of lice and nits may be found on the internet.

If your child develops lice, visit the pharmacy for an over-the-counter lice treatment or contact your doctor for a prescription. Please follow the steps below:

1. After purchasing the special shampoo and a fine tooth comb, use the special shampoo (long hair will require a full bottle) and follow the directions carefully. Some lice treatments recommend a second application 7-to-10 days following the first application. Remove the dead lice and nits.

2. Continue to remove the dead nits from the hair using the fine-tooth comb or pull nits off with your finger nails. Attempt to remove all nits.

3. Put bed linens, pillows, stuffed animals and similar items in a dryer for 30 minutes on high heat to kill both lice and nits.

4. Vacuum carpets and padded furniture to remove hairs with attached nits and any lice that crawl off the infested person.

5. Check everyone in the family using a good quality lice removal comb.

6. Practice early detection, by making weekly head checks with a good quality comb. Early detection and removal of any live lice or nits may keep head lice problems to a minimum.

7. Don’t use head lice treatments as a preventive measure. Head lice can’t be safely or effectively prevented by shampooing with either chemical or alternative treatments.

Please inform me if your child has lice. Your child may return to school the day after treatment. I depend on your assistance to prevent further occurrence by frequent examinations at home.

I will check any child upon request. Please call me if your child has head lice.

Thank you,

Donna P. Mansolillo, RN

Richmond Elementary

Richmond Elementary School cultivates lifelong learners and problem solvers through rigor, inquiry, and integrity while recognizing the individuality of each and every student.