Crockett Early Education School

September Parent Newsletter

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Language Arts:

We will begin working on our letters this month. We will talk about uppercase and lowercase letters, letter sounds, and words that begin with each letter. We will also work on retelling/re-enacting stories that are read aloud, and asking appropriate questions about a story. We will also be identifying the parts of a book and learning about the role of the author. We will also be identifying the parts of a book and learning about the role of the author.

  • Spanish Language Arts Letter Focus: O, A, I, U
  • English Language Arts Letter Focus: N, A, P, M,


  • Sorting Objects/Passing of Time (before, after, yesterday, tomorrow, etc)
  • One-to-One Correspondence/Identify Numbers (1-3)
  • Recognizing Last Count (PK 4 Only)
  • Subitizing (1-5)
  • Number Sequence

Social Emotional Learning (SEL):

  • 9/4 – 9/7: Using verbal and nonverbal communication skills to build relationships with peers, teachers and adults
  • 9/10 – 9/28: Identify basic emotions/feelings

Social Studies:

  • Family characteristics
  • United States and Texas flags
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Moment of Silence (PK 4 Only)


  • Properties of Common Objects (Senses)

Specials Corner

Note from your Specials Team:

We are so excited to be your specials team at Crockett! Our specials team consists of Mrs. Lovelace (Art teacher), Coach Tran (PE coach), and Mrs. Mauldin (Music teacher). Your child will come to Art and Music once or twice a week and PE two-three times a week. Here are some of the things your child will be learning in specials during the month of September.

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Exciting things are happening in Art this September! Line is the first of six Elements of Art that we will study this year. Seymour, a great big snake that likes to stretch and curve, will be introducing the study of lines. We will practice drawing, painting, and sculpting different types of line in this fun exploration of art.

-Mrs. Lovelace

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In PE we will be learning locomotor skills like running, hopping, skipping, and galloping. We will dance and move to different speeds of music. We will also be reinforcing primary colors and numbers 1-10. The kids will discover the bones of the body and types of joints as well as learning about how to use good hygiene and the proper way to wash our hands to keep germs from spreading.

-Coach Tran

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In Music we will begin working on steady beat during the month of September. We will learn how we hear music and beats in everyday things like a clock, basketball, dripping faucet, etc. The kids will begin playing instruments and learning how to keep a steady beat with rhythm sticks. I’m very excited to have your kiddos in music this year!

-Mrs. Mauldin

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Important Dates in September

4-7 - PK3 DECA Screening sent home to parents

7 - PK3 DECA Screening due to teachers

14- Fire Drill

20- Volunteer Orientation in Computer Lab

  • Session 1: 9-10am
  • Session 2: 1-2pm
21- Pro Dad Club Meeting in the Library (8:30-9:15am)

26- Lockdown Drill

28- PK3 September Birthday Celebration in the Cafeteria (1:45-2:15)

Health Spot

I need to stay home if...

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Reminders from your nurse

  • Students who are missing immunizations may attend the Dallas Carevan program located at 1st United Methodist Church 121 N. Center Grand Prairie, TX 75050 Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 5pm-7pm.
  • Please provide a change of clothes and working contact information for students daily. Please ensure your information on Skyward is up to date.
  • If your student has a medical condition requires medicine, or has an allergy please notify the clinic staff.
  • If your student is not up to date on their immunizations, all parents will receive a notification of delinquency and the student can not return until he/she meets state Prek requirements.
  • Prek has no sense of personal space and often share germs. Please follow the need to stay home guidelines and promote hand hygiene.
  • Ensure your student is well rested.
  • If student needs to take medicine during the day, please stop by the clinic to drop off medication, DO NOT send medicine in students backpack.
  • All medication whether it is over the counter or prescribed must be signed in with the nursing staff.
  • All medication and lotions require a medication administration permission slip.
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Counselor's Corner

Dear Families,

I am excited to share that we will be practicing some mindfulness in our class this year. Mindfulness is about being present and paying attention to our surroundings. It also focuses on being curious and kind to ourselves and others. The activities (mostly breathing and stretching) help calm and focus students, both mentally and physically, so they can focus on their schoolwork and build solid inter- and intra-personal skills. Research shows that mindfulness can improve memory and comprehension, build empathy and allow people to deal with difficult situations in a more effective way. If you’re interested, I am more than happy to share resources with you about using similar practices at home. Please let us know if you have any questions.



  • Settle Your Glitter: Great for guiding kids to calm


  • stretching, breathing, learning videos (stretching and calming categories)
  • interactive breathing exercises


Our Campus Goal is to have 98% of our students present every day. Please help us by ensuring your child is here each day, on time and remains at school for the duration of the school day.
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