Jess - UK Support Organisations

Mission: Get 1000 support seekers to download the app


Joint venture with as many organizations (charities, quit smoking, dieting etc.) as possible in the UK, encouraging them to provide support via DNHey.

Deadline: 30 days after launch

5 Steps to success

  1. Build an excel spreadsheet of all the organizations and their contact details.

  2. Hire and train a freelancer to call the organizations to get them on board, updating the list along the way. Budget 2000 NIS. Each organization should provide contact details of first user.

  3. First users test on Testflight and approve DNHey for wider use.

  4. Provide material for marketing DNHey: What to say over the phone; Email signature; Website banner; Poster; Landing page, etc.

  5. Measure growth and engagement. Optimize funnel where possible.

The next step if you succeed....

  • Scale using existing organizations
  • Receive additional budget to grow in niche or replicate to new niche.