Salesforce Update II


As you might know, we are currently working with a Salesforce taskforce on one Salesforce to store, share and organize all contact information of AIESEC The Netherlands. Salesforce is an exclusive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System that helps us to maintain and document all the contacts we have, which is very important for the continuity of AIESEC. We thought we'd give you an update to see what we are doing and to share the progress that we're making!

Short recap from the previous update

We received the input of all the different LC's about your 'ideal Salesforce' to identify the necessities for the new Salesforce configuration and to identify the shortcomings of the current accounts. We used your input and the input from Germany & Canada, who are currently working with one Salesforce account, to make a framework for the building plan for the new Salesforce account. To see the previous update, click here.

Progress so far

  • We have finished the building plan for the new Salesforce account and received feedback on our building plan from Valid and Way2Web. We completed the building plan with their input and by drawing the different processes of each team and we made an overview of the different databases and linkages that we will use.
  • We have had contact with Salesforce itself and we received their permission and licences from Salesforce to create the new account.
  • We made a provisionally finance plan for the building of the new account, which contains a contribution from the MC and investment of some of the LC's.
  • We have made an appointment with three IT companies (Vivens, CRM+ and Accenture) to receive an offer about the possibilities and costs, so we can make a decision about the best IT partner to build the new Salesforce for us.

Transferring data

Unfortunately it will be more difficult to transfer all of the current data into the new Salesforce account, because the new account contains information fields that are incompatible with the fields of the 11 old accounts. According to Valid and Way2Web the 11 accounts show too many differences to transfer all the data in one account, so it will be more beneficial for us to start clean. Moreover, Salesforce works as good as its content, so we have to look carefully at the current information to define the useful information that we want to take to the new account. Since it will be difficult to transfer the current data automatically towards the new account we want to keep the old account for at least a couple of months after the implementation of the new Salesforce account to make sure that every city will be able to transfer its own data.

We would like to ask you to continue using your current account for CRM because we don't want all the information from now until the implementation to get lost. It will costs some extra time and effort, but we need information that is as complete as possible for the new Salesforce account to get the most benefits out of it.

Next steps: timeline indication

  • January - Appointments with Vivens (17/1), CRM+(21/1) and Accenture (24/1).
  • February - Make a decision about the best partner and start building.
  • March - Building and testing the initial setup of the new Salesforce account with an users adopting test & start to educate a Salesforce Training Taskforce.
  • April - Finalizing and optimalizing the design, adoption of the new Salesforce account by all of AIESEC the Netherlands and training of the members by the Salesforce Training Taskforce.
  • May/June - Explanation & training of the new AIESEC'ers by the Salesforce Training Taskforce at boarders & take over.

If you have any further questions or remarks, don't hesitate to contact us!

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