Digital Etiquette

How to use technology with appropriate behavior?

What is important about appropriate behavior while using technology?

Using the internet appropriately is important to increase the electronic society. There are different types of rules that different people follow. As long as these rules are to the benefits of you and others while using technology that helps you to treat others with respect like you would in real life situations.

comments and behavior online to real life.

Thinking twice about the comments on post can take you far from being the negative person on the internet. Most people lean toward the negative news but if we respond to a post we should respond in a conductive manner or altogether don't comment. The impact of one single" who cares" comment might be the key to your friends feelings about themselves.


I think that cyber bullying is a big part of risks on the internet. This type of bullying plays an important role to you behavior on the online society. another risk of being online is scams, hacking etc... its important that you keep your digital footprint is clean to help others be a part of the digital etiquette.