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Leisure time

GILL: Good ol' Britain

Pubs are an institution in Britain, you could say. Well loved, by nationals and foreigners they have become a symbol on themselves. Find the best reasons to love these singular places with this gallery of pictures.

MARTA: Best views from Madrid

And they come from above. A wonderful city when walking around, how much better can it be seen from the sky? In this project, a drone has captured in video the most amazing views from Madrid old center. You can watch it here.

MAITE: Around the world...

...wave by wave. We talk about surf, of course, and forr all lovers of this aquatic practice, this guide is perfect to know which the best waves in the world are. Did you know that waves actually have names? Look at them here.

ROBERTO: Tech allies

Your phone can be your best ally in the day of lovers, use it wisely and look for apps that will help you. Find all kind of tricks, tips and formulas to make this day perfect here.

On Stage


It may be an article with some time behind, but is so painfully true now as it was before. After the appalling show that our resident actors and stars made in the last Goya’s ceremony, it comes to mind that it still is necessary some degree of coherence with what you say and what you do. Here


Why let something as trivial as death stop you to continue making films? After the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the producer of 'Hunger Games', that the actor still had to finish filming, anounce they will recreate him digitally. Find a list of all the other artists recreated for films after they departed.


Almost theatrically, that's how Steve Jobs presented its products, and that from the very beginning. In a new discovered footage it can be seen the first public demonstration of the Mac on the Boston Computer Society. Watch it here.


KERRY: Behind Pussy Riot

From anonymous activists to kind of rock stars, Nadya and Masha are touring the world trying to promote their new cause in concerning political convictions in Russian jails. Their story from the beginnings can be read here.

PABLOR: Violence

Humans can do wonderful things, but, sadly, they can also be responsible for the most horrible things. Here’s a documental about the genocide done by the Indonesian Comunist Party, The Act of Killing. And if you want to put it in context you can read this.