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The Story

Last year in my work with seniors applying to college, it really hit me how many of our students did not have the funds for some of the necessities of living on campus. From toiletries and linens to textbook money, computers, and train fare for students heading upstate or out of state. I knew I had to do something, but with limited time and limited funds through our grant there was but so much I could do.

With the school closing in two years our students have experienced constant change in staff and cutbacks in extracurricular activities. In some ways our kids feel as though their school does not matter any more, and in turn they do not matter. Given our two years left I would like to convey to our PHENOMENAL and RESILIENT students who have defied the odds that they do matter and are important regardless of the school’s shortcomings.

In conversation with one of the teachers at the school she spoke of a College Shower her daughter’s school held, similar to a bridal or baby shower, but you shower college bound students with items they need. In hopes of having our first College Shower in May 2015, I am looking to raise funds to purchase these items.