Design :: DT Lab

These are the design's for my DT room.

Assessment for design

The student generates a range of feasible designs, each evaluated against the design specification. The student justifies the chosen design and evaluates it fully and critically against the design specification.

Design Specs

The product must have:

  • precise, correct and accurate room dimensions based on the existing building structures
  • four emergency exits
  • two main entry points
  • very good ventilation
  • maximum natural light
  • ability to function in the event of a power failure
  • place for washing hands
  • emergency shower
  • eye washing
  • two first aid stations
  • 1 firehouse and 2 fire extinguishers
  • a place for students to store bags, personal items and project that they are working on
  • truck loading bay
  • a display area
  • space for 25 students
  • tools/machinery and materials for for class tasks that include (a) furniture making (wood) (b) toys for kids (wood) (c) producing a letterbox (sheet metal) and (d) key fob making (acrylic)
  • storage place for wood, metal, paint and acrylic
  • tool storage
  • safety equipment and safety equipment storage

Design 1

This design was my first one and it is no where near meeting the design specs. However i have got the basic needs such as having a Gallery, a wood-shop and a planning area. This design also lacked the basic needs of sunlight as it didn't have any windows. This design was pretty simple, it was the actual way all the rooms were placed and i created doors between each room making it easier to access. This design wasn't a scale model meaning it wasn't made using the correct measurements.

One mistake i made in this design was putting the gallery in the middle of it all. Meaning all things that are going to be created or are being prepared have to go through the gallery which might cause some damage and dirtiness.

The design specs that i completed were:

• 4 emergency exits

• 2 main entry points

• Storage

• Show area

• Wood-shop

Design 2

This design was much closer to the design specs as it had much more sunlight, more safety equipment and bigger rooms. Basically what i did was i split the room into 4 parts, 2 triangles and 2 quadrilaterals. This time i adjusted and made the gallery away from all the dirty work so it will stay clean, i even added a bathroom and some computers. I also had an upgrade and added vents in places such as the wood-shop so all the dust can go out.

I made many mistakes in this one as well some of them were putting the bathroom in the wrong place, instead of putting it next to the planning room i placed it next to the gallery, and that could be a nuisance. Another one is making the loading dock load into the wood-shop but i should place it in the store room making it easier to access and not jut for the wood workers.

The design specs that i completed were:

• 4 emergency exits

• 2 main entry points

• Loading dock

• Fire extinguishers

• Computers

• Gallery

• Wood shop

• Planning room

• Adequate amount of storage


This was my third and final design, i included all the things i didn't in the previous 2 making it the closest to perfect one. However this might not be in very much detail the design that i pick will be in detail in all dimensions.

In this design i have included all safety equipment at the end of every hall way which will be facing diagonally in all directions meaning that it wont interfere with any of the equipment because a lot of the safety equipment requires water. The first aid kit will be placed in the bathroom. This time i have learnt from my mistakes and have put the gallery in an area that is connected to all the different workshops but does not interupt with the work, making it clean and neat. The loading docks will be connected to my wood shop as the wood shop is on the open side of the building and is connected to the 2 other workshops.

Final Design

For my final design i picked design 3 mainly because it has the most space. After looking at some other DT lab design's i figured that it needs a lot of space to keep all the tools and all the rooms.

Some things i might change in this design are the connecting walls, instead of making it diagonal i will make it straight. Even if it makes it a lot smaller it give's me more rooms to make my DT lab out of. I will also place exit doors for every room which allows people to go in and out with ease and also it won't interfere with the work being done.

In my Google sketchup design i will make it a point that i will include all the necessary safety equipment and include all the DEsign specs.