Assembly Line/Model T

you can have a car painted any color as long as it is black

Assembly Line/ Model T

Henry Ford did not create the Assembly Line or Model T. Henry Ford invented the production of the Model T on the assembly Line and perfected it.

He produced the Model T on October 1,1908. One of the key things about the Model T was that the steering wheel was on the left side of the automobile. The entire engine and transmission were enclosed, which was a big step from the earlier car models. But the biggest difference about the Model T that Henry Ford made was the price. The price was $825 (21,730 today). Every year after that, the price fell.

In the 19th century, Ransom Olds created the first so called "assembly line", which he called the Oldsmobile Curved Dash. In the 20th century, Henry Ford perfect the Assembly Line by installing driven conveyor belts that made a Model T in 93 minutes.

According to Henry Ford, the essentials you needed for the assembly line was to place the tools, and the men in sequence, so that each component should travel the least possible distance while in the prosess of finishing. The next step was to, use work sildes or some other carries that slid, so that when the worker is done, he drops his tools in the same place every day. Finally, he used sliding assembly lines by which the parts to be assembled are delivered at convenient distances. When one station was finished with its part of the Model T, it was past to the nest stations until it was finished.

The assembly line benefits us now by allowing an automaker to produce hundreds of cars very fast and very efficiently. It also requires fewer people, lowering the cost of production. This evolution has today benefited from great technology to allow cars and trucks to be built safer and better. Also everything is made the exact same way and faster then ever.

In conclusion the assembly line is one of the greatest inventions that has helped shape our world today.



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