Harlem News Run

Darius & Twig, Walter Dean Myers

Running News, Kid Soars Through a Race

Two boys, two friends Darius & Twig. the book Darius & Twig takes place in Harlem, NYC, NY. The most important characters in this book are Darius, Twig, their families and Midnight who is a bully. This book is about two best friends Darius and Twig. Darius is a writer, Twig is a runner. Two very different personalities but still best friends. Darius loves to write and wants a scholarship, Twig loves to run and participate in races for a scholarship. Twig ran through his final race offering him a scholarship. He ran as fast as he could and passes out right after the finish line. What a race! There are many different small problems in this book. The 2 most important conflicts were Twigs racing with the bully and Midnight getting shot while at the park. When Twig was racing he won, but Midnight still would bully him. Midnight has been bullying Twig and Darius for a long time. After the race, Midnight gets shot at the park. This leaves Darius and Twig determined to find out what happened to their bully and this could possibly solve the bullying. After Midnight was shot he was nowhere to be found. Darius and Twig tried to look in their hangout where he might be hiding. After a while, they find Midnight and help him. Midnight doesn’t want their help but they call 911. The police ask questions and solve the problem. Later on, Darius and Twig get scholarships. Midnight doesn’t bully them anymore for their help. They become friends. Things worked out for Darius and Twig they are best friends and will continue to write and run.

Darius & Twig Stronger

The author’s message in this book is to never give up. I think that there are many authors’ messages that tie together. I think that it is to never give up and to keep trying or like to stay friends and stick together. I think this because when Darius and Twig helped midnight they stuck together and helped out Midnight. Also, they stuck together throughout the book which I thought wasn't going to happen because they are different. Every book has an author’s message. Also, Darius and Twig never gave up their dreams. Twig stayed as a fast runner and got a scholarship. Darius continued to write and got a scholarship. They did not give up. I chose this song "Waving Flag" because it connects to the book. This is because the song tells a message to never give up and keep trying by "Being stronger when your older". This song also connects to the book because it’s a friendly song and has a message to stay with your friends and never give up and be stronger.


K'naan-Waving Flag (World cup song) by Ram_therebel