Teddy Rossevelt

"Belive you can and your halfway there."

Early life

Teddy was a grandson of businessman. He was a col. Roosevelt in the war in cuba. he was a NYC comisionare in 1895. he became the 26 president in 1901-1909. he became president by McKinley when he was shot in buffalo.

What makes them a pogresive era?

He became the 26 president from 1901-1909. Taft made things worse when he came back from hunting. Roosevelt tried to run for president again. but he lost to Woodrow Wilson in 1912 election.

bull moose


the election of 1912, Roosevelt stated the bull moose party in 1912 after teddy lost the election. there was the federal suicurity commissions, and a national health services.

why I reserched

I researched him because he help this nation for what we do and how we lived our life.