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November 14, 2018

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West Elementary Bulletin Board!

EDU 90: Google Science Fair - October 3, 2018

Karen Burke's Element Project

Mrs. Burke's 8th-grade science students recently completed their element projects. Each student researched a different element and then created 3 original pieces - one written, one drawn or graphically designed, and one model. Check out the pictures of their work! We have some very creative and talented students at MVJHS! Some students even used Tinkercad to create their element's Bohr model and then had it printed using the Junior High's 3D printer! Check out the 3D model of Fluorine!
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Karen Burke's Primetime Students

Students are enjoying making and experimenting with circuits during Mrs. Burke's Primetime class. Using "Snap Circuits Extreme" kits, students are creating projects that turn on lights, sound buzzers and alarms, play music, run fans and motors, and do many other interesting things with electrical circuits. Some students are even venturing away from the idea books and creating and testing their own designs!
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Michele Johnston's Class Uses Ozobots and Cartesian Grids

Students were given a program which was coded to use ozobots to practice plotting and reading ordered pairs on a Cartesian grid. Students then tried to do their own code to have their ozobot go to ordered pairs in a hide and go seek activity.
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Joining the Breakout challenges this week is Staci Reese's class of 8th grade math! Staci earns a Breakout Maker badge for her breakout game treasure hunt!
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Elementary Teachers, Are You Using myON?

myON offers many books at your students' fingertips. myON is a great way to utilize the "Read to Myself" portion of your reading block/period. myON is also PERFECT practice for learning fluency because stories can be read to the students. Remember, this is a default option that can also be turned off for more fluent readers. When students finish books, you can get a quick check on their comprehension by having them answer short questions on the book, or going to Accelerated Reader and taking a test. Students can also read from home IF THEY GO through MVHelp and login via Clever. That way, snow days can be myON reading days too!

Our district has provided this excellent program to help you differentiate learning for your readers. Also, check out the correlation chart below to see AR color dots and myON lexiles.

Please let us know if you need help starting your students in myON.

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Semester II - Twitter Book Chat

Beginning in January, we will be hosting another Twitter Book Chat where you will have the opportunity to earn PD points for participation, learn more about building a culture of innovation, collaborate with MSDMV peers, and chat with, author of Pure Genius, Don Wettrick and his daughter, Ava Wettrick!

We invite administrators and staff to join this opportunity. Be with us for all virtual chats or come when you can! The more you attend, the more PD points you earn.

Our first Twitter Book Chat will be from the SHARP Lab for anyone new to Twitter chats. This will help you get comfortable with Tweetdeck and Twitter Chats!

Don will be with us, virtually, for most of the chats, and his daughter is planning on joining us at all our chats!

Each chat (#MVeLearn) will be on Thursday night (7:00pm) for an hour before the #INeLearn state chat (8:00pm)

  • Jan. 10 - Chapter 1 - Why Innovate?
  • Jan. 17 - Chapter 2 and 3 - Creating a Culture of Innovation and Leadership / There is no Plan
  • Jan. 24 - Chapter 4 - Six Building Blocks of Innovative Learning
  • Jan 31 - Chapter 5 and 6 - Social Media and Teachers / Social Media and Students
  • Feb. 7 - Chapter 7 - Getting Started with Social Media
  • Feb. 14 - Chapter 8 - Opportunities are Everywhere
  • Feb. 21 - Chapter 9 - Student Voices (Special Guest Ava Wettrick)
  • Feb. 28 - Chapter 10 - Moving Forward

If you want to join this Innovative opportunity, Please fill out the Google Form below to get your copy of the Pure Genius book for your Holiday break!
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