Japan, Tokyo

There is adventure, excitement, and history all along!

The big effects

Their art is spectacular. in 2011 one of the biggest tsunami's in history, had flooded many art museums and just regular museums. A piece of art that wouldn't be ruined forever is tea preparation, its counted as art can you believe it? A random culture is music. Music isn't the only thing that attaches to Tokyo's culture, there's modern art that you see almost everyday. Comics and animation is one of the biggest attachment in culture you can find in Tokyo, Japan!

Having Fun Yet?

Here are some extra pointers on some things to do. Every 5th day of each month so if you come early enough you can be celebrated! Talking bout celebration, the fashion trends are to die for! They are recognized as, " high fashion." Hamamatsu is a fun time to fly kites, its a kite flying contest actually and people all around the world go to win and enjoy the flying of the kites!

Add one more

If you've done everything on your, "to do list" then this is another thing to add on the list cause there is endless possibilities. Camping & exploring at Mt. Fuji is wonderful. Mount fuji isn't one of the oldest things in Japan they have some of the oldest Temples in the world in japan, Tokyo including the biggest Bronze Buddha you'll ever see!

A nice time all the time

Tired of the same old weather everyday? Then head on down to Japan, Tokyo were the weather is extraordinary! Japan has gone through all the seasons, talk about everyday is a new day, in fact with Japan, Tokyo you get excellent weather and of view of it. One thing that people get is Typhoons, they are tropical storms most likely sprinkles of rain drops of course in the tropics, its a breezy experience! In conclusion I personally think the cool breeze, a nice ray of sun shine, a cold drop, and sprinkles of rain is a delightful time.

Official Language

In Tokyo what type of language do you think to hear? An answer to that question, Japanese which "fun fact" is similar to some European languages. Some ways to understand the language is by learning cause more than half of their population speaks Japanese is by taking a class to speak it and understand it a better. Japanese is a motional language which can be quite easy to learn.

Fantastic food

How many types of food would you choose? There are many different taste and texture, a variety of food to choose from. Buddhism influenced most of the food, speaking of food the best pork shipped from china is found in Japan. Pork is for a nice family diner for everyone to enjoy! If pork is on your list of food to try why not try them all, with Tempura its a blast of fish, eggplant, vegetables all dipped in batter and deep-fried!