Kobe Japan Earthquake

By: Ryan Rutherford and Dillan Young

Disaster Summary

The magnitude 7.2 was centred on Awaji Island just south of Kobe total population of 10 million people ground shook for 20 seconds 5,000 people died over 300,000 people became homeless 100 billion dollars in repair

Food and Water

Food and water were good. there was enough for everyone before the earthquake. After the earthquake the food and water were a little down for about a mounth. Food was stayed about the same.

This was a Horrible Event


In 1995, the closest nuclear power plants, some 110 km north of Kobe, were unaffected by the severe Kobe-Osaka earthquake So they used the energy untill they got back on there feet.

One of the worst earthquakes in the world!!!

Abiotic factors

LIFE DURING EARTHQUAKE some of the good wood buildings survived the earthquake but burnt down when some of the gas pipes,and electrical pols broke causing fires.

more than five thousand people claimed, 300, were made homeless.

some of the buildings were on loose soil and when it happened the ground pretty much turned to liquid and sunk the buildings.

too fix most or all of the damage it would cost 100 million or more.

Kobe is built on a destructive plate margin it is on a foul line.

LIFE AFTER most utilities were back in use around July 1995

by January 1999 134,000 housing units were built.ABIOTIC

earth, sun,water,buildings,

Picking Up After Earthquake

biotic factors

the plants and animals died. Plants were gone and there was no sign of plant life anywhere to be found at Kobe. Plants were basically non existent at the time. Pets were separated from there owners and most were never found and returned to there owners.


Five thousand five hundred two people confirmed killed, 36,896 injured and extensive damage left 6,425 dead, injured 25,000, displaced 300,000 people. Humans were depressed for along time. After the earthquake there was a ceremony for the people who lost the lives during the earthquake

THIS WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You