My Life Planning

What are your plans for the future?

Future Financial Life

My future after high school is going to Duke University and get a degree in nursing. I will higher my education and become an RN. I will work at any given hospital and still higher my education to become an BSN.

Financial Concerns

My current financial concerns is wondering if I will have the money for college and the courses that i will need to take. My future financial concerns is having money to pay off student loans (if needed) and all my debts.

How will I relieve the stress?

To relieve the stress of my financial concerns, I will started applying for scholarships now in while im still in High School. I will work and save money so I can pay for training.

Financial Future Goals

My financial goals consist of:

- Good insurance

- Get out of debt

- Save and plan early for retiremnet

Saving and Investment tools

I will start utilizing in Saving and Investment tools when i get my first job. Therefor I can have money for college.

Financial Portfolio

Never, because i will continue to use them. As my age change, i would conisder to open new accounts, like retirement savings for example. But, for now as i work i will have a regular saving account.

Now what?

My financial planning is good. With the money from my salary, i can pay off all debt and loans. I will place my with high financial well being!