The Hunting Ground

Charly Robledo


College students bring awareness to the sexual assaults that occur in their schools. Several college students who have been raped on campus fight for justice after the schools refused to report the crimes.

Exapmle 1

Colleges do not want to bring attention to the rape crimes occurring at their schools because they don’t want it to get out to the public. This will cause them to lose profits and less people to want to attend their schools.
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Example 2

Various students who announce that they have been assaulted are accused of it being their fault. Some people argued that the students should have fought back if they did not want to be raped. Others say that they are falsely accusing people for attention and to ruin their reputation.
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Example 3

Colleges will not expel athletes, more specifically, the popular and most valuable players accused of sexual assault. This means that these athletes know they can get away with, and will most likely repeat these crimes.
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After bringing awareness to the rape crimes that take place on campus, more sexual assault cases are being recognized and brought justice. However, colleges still refuse to take action for most cases reported by students.