Isiah Ruybal

Nepal, India

airfare cost and schedule

Im going to India and each person cost $1744 and for two travelers my cost will be $3489 and also I have to think about food per person im thinking 30 dollars per person every stop we eat my hotel is the taj palace hotel and its $158 per day and a rental car is 138 dollars a day my total $3,815 im flying etihad.


There"s many activities like you can parachute,water raft,bike riding as your flying the parachute that nice wind and breeze start to blow in your face it feels so nice to be up in that sir and feel that nice warm air hit your face and it just feels like waters running across your face and as you

water raft on that ruff running water feels so good to be out on that water and have that nice cold water hit your face.

history and culture

There"s gatorade red bull and monster to drink or water and pop or margaritas and as you drink that nice cold drinks slide down your throat on a sunny day it feels like your in dream land.


My rental is a cadillac car and it cost 138 a day and it fits 5 bags and 5 people this luxury cadillac is so fast it just feels awsome and when u roll down the windows and that wind hits you it feels like the winds going to blow your head off.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

I got hit with a stick a guy decided to swing at me while I was at the pool and I got up and he perfectly hit me in the face and back with the super long stick he had and also the drinking water was horrible it taste so bad after I drank it I puked it all I got up and ran for help and never seen him again.


But even though alot happened I would have to say that this was the best vacation ever that i've went on in loved all the things there was to do