January 4, 2016


We hope each of you had safe, enjoyable holidays! We will see students back at school on January 5 for a full day of school!


Attendance is crucial to your child's academic success. Not only do students win by being involved in every learning experience but they can also win a cool prize. Aaron Rouse won a laptop for being at school all day every day first semester! As we told all students, having 100% attendance takes some luck - since we can't control germs - but also takes students and parents being committed to attending school each day. Way to go, Aaron! Another attendance competition will be underway for second semester!

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We continue to encourage students to think and work using a growth mindset. Mistakes don't define us; they help us learn! Find a great article about parenting and the growth mindset here: 5 Parenting Strategies.
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Mistakes can provide the roots we need to branch into great success!

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MESSAGE FROM PTO: Winter Carnival

As you may have heard, there will not be a Winter Carnival this year due to the inability to find a new planning committee. This was not an easy decision to make, and one that has been discussed for several years at our meetings as our number of volunteers keeps getting smaller. As all of our lives get busier, it is becoming harder and harder to find the many people needed to successfully execute this event. We are hopeful that it will return next year better than ever, but we must start now to insure that this happens. We need a planning committee in place. The group of people that have planned and coordinated the event in the past are able to help, but can't lead due to changes in careers and life events. Planning committee members must be willing and able to attend meetings. There aren’t a lot of meetings to attend, but with an event this size, it is vital that collaboration and planning take place at each meeting we do have. Planning really does begin almost a year in advance, so we are looking for leadership now! If you are interested in helping coordinate this great event for 2017, please attend our next meeting and we will be happy to show you how! If you cannot take a leadership position, there are plenty of other ways to help. From phone calls during the planning stages to working a 30 minute shift the night of the event, there is something everyone can do!



Come support your MTH Eagles on Wednesday at Clifty Creek. Games begin at 5:30.