The Maycomb Times

November 1, 1932

The Halloween Pageant

Two kids from Maycomb county were attacked on Halloween night. Jeremy and Jean Louise Finch were walking home in an empty field on October 31, 1932. They were on their way home from the Halloween pageant. Bob Ewell was hiding in the trees and then attacked the kids. They kept fighting and tried to run home but Bob had a knife and he tried to stab them. Jean Louise had her ham costume on still so when Bob tried and stabbed her it just went into her costume not her actual body. Jem now had a broken arm and scrapes on his face and was unconscious. Jem said, "I was so frightened but I had to keep my little sister safe." Jem is very protective of his sister but she didn't think he actually could hear stuff because Scout said, "Jem stop scaring me this isn't funny!"

Rabid dog on the loose

Tim Johnson, Rabid dog loose in Maycomb

Calpurnia, Finch nanny was walking outside the morning of September 3, 1992. Calpurnia noticed in the distance on their street Tim Johnson foaming in the mouth and running at them. Calpurnia said, " I was so scared, i needed to make sure to keep the children safe so I called Atticus Finch." Atticus Shows up minutes later to save the day. Atticus said," I haven't shot a gun in so many years I was little worried i would miss." Finch then shot Tim Johnson right in the head, he dropped right away. Maycomb would like to thank Finch for such a herotic act! Hopefully Maycomb doesn't have anymore rabid dogs for awhile, If you do end up seeing one please call Atticus finch!

Trial with Mayella Ewell acused of rape.

Maycomb had a trial because Mayella Ewell was accused of getting raped. Mayella says "I don't remember who it was but I'm just going say it was Tom Robinson." Mayella got asked all these questions but she stopped answering because she didn't want to make her father mad. Atticus new that it wasn't Tom so he kept asking Bob questions to prove that it was Bob. The trial was very unfair for Tom since he is black. Even though Tom was guilty he still got accused of rapping Mayella and beating her on her face. Bob said "you guys better stop asking my daughter questions! You can't make her answer all of them she is scared!" Having Bob say that is practically showing that she needs to stop saying that so she doesn't give it away that he did it.

Maycomb County Starts a Prom

Maycomb County has never had a high school prom until this year! Prom is opened to all high school students and it will be at our Maycomb high school on April 2nd 1933. Prom will be very fun so guys get yourself a date. Girls if you are not asked you may go with your friends. It will cost 1 penny for everyone that will be attending prom. If you would like to help set up or have any questions please contact Bre Tessier or Kayla Paluck.

Bre Tessier_701-290-4726

Kayla Paluck_701-590-9998

Maycomb Football team

Maycomb county is glad to announce that we are starting our very own football team! We are looking for boys and girls grades 8-12. If you are a girl we will need make sure you are strong enough to play. We will have about 4 games this season against schools near us. You will be provided with padding if you make the team. We are hoping to have at least 22 players on the team. We will have tryouts on july 25, 1932 please wear appropreiate clothing. If you make the team we plan to have our first practice july 29, 1932. Hope to see you there!

Letter to editor

Dear Maycomb school,

Hello school, its Scout Finch and I'm just letting you know how mad I am about you guys not letting me learn to read at school! Just because I am young doesn't mean that you guys can say that I cant learn to read yet. I just want to become smart and a great person just like my dad. School is for learning so I just want to know why. I would like you guys to mail me back with all your reasons why you aren't letting me read at a school just because of my age. If someone wants to learn stuff when they are young you should let them so they can get ahead in life. Well thanks for reading my letter but sorry I was complaining so much but it just doesn't make since to me. Have a great day
Sincerely, Scout Finch

Letter to the Editor

Dear Maycomb County,

This is Helen Robinson wife of Tom Robinson, I'm very disappointed in the people of this town. The people of this today let a innocent man die. Black people are being killed everyday due to white people just killing them off. Black folks don't fair rights compared to whites. We need to change up this court system and let blacks on the jury maybe blacks and whites will be closer to having equal rights. Also blacks don't have it easy when trying to find a job. I've been trying to get a job to be able to put food on the table for my family. There soon needs to be some big changes in this community.

Sincerely, Helen Robinson

Dirty Thirties

In the 1930s the Great Plains experience a terrible drought, soil lacked water so it made it real easy for the wind just to blow it around. The wind would pick up the topsoil and creative a massive black cloud of dust aka Black Blizzards. These Black Blizzards would kill cattle by suffocating them. By the 1940s more than 2.5 million fled away from the great plains. The great Depression is still one of the most horrifying events that has happened in the U.S. People of the great plains would just pick up their family and move out to New Mexico or California, but not all would make it due to sickness. New Mexico and California started to block their boarders due to having so many people entering their state. This is a event people will never forget.

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