Pop Latino Música

Gabriella Grym

Who and Where?

This music is commonly listened and danced to in many Spanish speaking countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Many people have listened to pop Latino music, although it is very popular among young latinos. This music can be heard almost anywhere in the world.


Latino pop music was greatly influenced by the wind and percussion instruments of the Mayas. It originated in America when many different people, including African slaves and Europeans, brought their culture and combined it with the Spanish and Portuguese language.

Connection to Dance

In the early years of Pop Latino, people did dances such as the salsa and mambo which later developed a mix of the two called "samba". Overall, the Pop Latino music and culture led to the creation of dances that are now known all around the world!


Pop Latino music contains a mix of vocal and instrumental leads. There are many characteristics to this genre because it is a mix of many cultures and music styles. Guitars, basses, drums, and keyboards are a huge part of the music.

The Music Today

Artists, such as Shakira and Enrique Iglesias, have greatly popularized the music, bringing it to more than just Spanish speaking countries.