Decemeber Library News

John Glenn Library

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Click here for the library book & skill week schedule.

*This schedule does not apply to kindergarten.*

Open Library Time

If your students need to exchange books they may do so during open library times only. Teachers in grades 3 - 5, please make sure your students bring their A.R. levels with them. We are also having an issue with students coming down to the library without their teacher's knowledge. We will be coming up with a plan that most likely includes a library pass we will provide to each teacher. The students will not be allowed to come in the library without it.
Remember the open library times are as follows...
Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday - 8:20 - 8:40
Thursday - 8:55-9:25
Friday 8:55 -9:25 & 2:00 - 2:30

As of 12/3 the students have read 1,558 books and 11,097,425 words. Keep Reading!!

Books due back week of December 14th

It is a skill week but we need all books back this week. If the students have them over break they tend to get lost.

Thank you for all your help with the library. Have a great month. Happy holidays!