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Alan Turing

Alan Mathison Turing was a mathematical genius, an English man studying in Cambridge had developed something to drive the technology to build our own computers. For us it was simple but in that time it was a massive breakthrough he made something that could be coded to answer some simple questions and build a database about you. he is considered to be the father of computers.

His work in WW2

After he had designed the first computer it was put into action to decode the German ciphers. He divised a number of techniques to help including the bombe method which helped to find method for the enigma project. For a time he was head of hut 8 responsible for German naval crypatanlyis.

After the War

Turing's homosexuality resulted in criminal prosectution in 1952, when homosexual acxt was still illegal in the UK. He accepted treatment with female hormones as an alternative to prison. Turing died in 1954 just two weeks before his 42nd birthday, from cyanide poison many think it was suicide some think murder or just an accident but to us he was a pioneering hero