GATES Newsletter

January 2017

Import News!

Progress Reports went home yesterday!

Our progress report policy changed this year and GATES will send out progress reports at the end of each semester.

Please fee free to contact me, at anytime, if you have questions or concerns regarding your child.

Casa Manana

Congratulations to Claire she won the silent auction trip with me and my granddaughter to Casa Manana. We had such a fun time together watch the play, Santa Clause the New Musical.
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Holiday Break

I hope everyone had an opportunity to enjoy time with their family and friends during this holiday season.

The last week of school, I received so many gifts from my students and I want you to know how thankful I am for each and every one of them. I loved them all!!!!!

Student Chromebooks

Student in grades 3-5 have received their Chromebooks and are bringing them to GATES. I encourage parents to check out their Google Classroom and see all the wonderful work they are working on in GATES!

Breakout EDU

Some of my kiddos played the "Catch the Bus" digital breakout game the week before break and LOVED it!!!! I encourage you to play the games as a family and try to solve the puzzles together. They are very challenging and lots of FUN, I am sharing the two games that I have solved so if you need hints you can email me and I will be happy to help you. You can also create your own and I told the kids if they did that, we would spend a GATES day playing their breakout game!!!!

Stranded on the Island link:

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Here's a look at what we are doing in our G.A.T.E.S classes

1st Grade

We have been working through the Creative Design Process to create a container that will help capture some animals that have escaped from the zoo!!!! Students a required to purchase their materials and they have a budget. I sure hope they can mange their money!The kids are being very creative and being very kind to one another by offering help to each other. I can't wait to see their final product!

2nd Grade

After researching engineers, students are researching two different types of Engineers and comparing them on Padlet. Once they are done and have presented their project to the class, we will begin researching extreme environments. We will be working on their researching skills. After collecting data, students will present their learning to the class. Second grade will be using Seesaw to journal their learning.

3rd Grade

Students are learning about structures. I challenged students to create the tallest tower using only tape and newspaper. Once they were finished, their tower had to hold a basketball for 20 seconds!!!! Students then researched a famous structure of their choice and created a Chatterpix video to share facts about their structure with the class. Students then went to the Makerspace to create a model of their structure. They did a great job!

4th Grade

Students have almost completed their research on their selected ancient civilizations, Next they will work on a business plan to purchase land, build rides and pay employees to determine how much they will have to charge their customers for tickets to the park. This should be interesting to see their ticket prices!

5th Grade

Student researched charities and selected one to promote. They are creating fliers and commercials to help promote their charity. Next, will start working on our entrepreneur ideas and then creating a business plan to present to the shark tank!

Parent Resources

Teach Your Child to Think and Make Parenting Fun Again. Shade, R.A. & Garrett, P. (2001). Parenting for High Potential.

Tic Tac Ten: strategic thinking game

Gifted Students and Peer Relations

Does this sound familiar to you? Your child cannot seem to understand why their friend wants to play dress up instead of draw their dream home in intricate detail… Or talk instead of lay around and read their new favorite book… Contrary to popular opinion, not all gifted children have trouble making friends, but all children struggle through friendship issues at some point. Jim Delisle, Ph.D. has worked with and for gifted children for 33 years and recently published an article in the Davidson Newsletter about the differences between “peers” and “agemates”. An “agemate” is someone who shares your chronological age, while a “peer” is someone with whom you interact because you have common interests or ideas, whatever their age. It is important to remember that different friendships serve different purposes while coaching your child through life’s little crises. Below are a few other thoughts to ponder…

  • Alone Time. Highly intelligent students need some time and space where they can relax with their own thoughts.

  • Set up opportunities for friendships to be made. Parents have to help set up opportunities for the child when he/she struggles in this area: setting up play dates, having siblings, friends and family over, signing them up for sports, etc.

  • Modeling. Parents should model good behavior with their own peers. When it is appropriate, discuss certain relationships and the dynamics of the relationships with your children.

  • Effective tools for success. If your child seems to struggle with social cues or the handling of certain social situations, have your child role-play both sides of the coin so he or she can feel what it would be like to be on both sides. Through role-playing you can discuss what is successful in dealing with different kinds of people.

    Loveky, D. “Tips for Parents: Peer Relations.” Davidson Institute for Talent Development (2002). Web. 26 Oct. 2011.

    Delisle, J. “Interview with Jim Delisle on Gifted Students and Peer Relations.” Davison Institute for Talent Development (2011). Web. 26 Oct. 2011.