Room 103 Newsletter


Hello Room 103 Families,

Our "Read In" assembly was wonderful. It was so sweet seeing the kids crowd up with peers and parents to listen to stories. Thank you to all the parents who were able to stick around and read with the kids. The assembly was a total success, so there will be more opportunities in the future to participate if you couldn't make it to this one. I was able to weave through the crowd and get some pictures - check them out below.

We've started a FOSS science unit on trees. We've been reading books, doing leaf rubbings, diagramming tree parts, learning about the tree life cycle, drawing the changes trees go through during the seasons, and heading outside for some hands on tree exploration. Next, we would like to start a tree collection. So don't be surprised if you're kids start picking up various tree parts (nuts, seeds, bark, twigs, leaves, etc.). I'm constantly telling the Kindergartners to "leave the nature in the nature", but this will be the exception!

We are still learning about shapes for math. Last week we introduced 3D or what we're calling flat shapes. I'd like to start a 3D shape museum in the class. If you have any objects that are cones, cubes, spheres, cylinders, or rectangular prisms we'd love to borrow them for a few weeks.

Our last field trip of the year will be to Fairyland on June 8th. We'll be taking a school bus there and we have plenty of space for any parents who want to join us. Permission slips will be coming home soon.

I usually set aside some money for a yoga field trip, but the instructor who hosts us is a bit overwhelmed with some family stuff right now, so sadly we wont be able to go. Instead I'm going to use the money to pay for a classroom visit from the East Bay Vivarium. They'll be coming on June 3rd, so make sure your student is here that day, they wont want to miss it!


Miss Siobhan


Things for your Calendar

Friday 5/6 - Return book bags, communication folders

5/16 - No School

5/19 - Open House

5/30 - No School

6/3 - Visit form the Vivarium

6/8 - Field trip to Fairyland