Krashen's - The Monitor Hypothesis

by Shari Ravenelle

The formal study of language leads to the development of an internal grammar editor or monitor

For students to use the "monitor" three conditions are necessary -

1.) Sufficient time

2.) Focus on grammatical form

3.) Explicit knowledge of the rules

The significance of "The Monitor Hypothesis" in language acquisition.

Language is learned and continually built upon as knowledge is provided over an extended period of time.

Krashen recommends that the focus of language knowledge teaching should be communication, not rote rule learning.

Why I chose "The Monitor Hypothesis."

Krashen proposes that information is provided to learners, enters the brain, and the brain processes the information for the correct output. I agree with this theory. In working in a school for many years, I have noticed the faces of students who have been given information and you can see them processing that information before they respond.

"Talking is not practicing"

Talking, to oneself, is output and does not in improve language acquisitions. Input, like pictures and conversation, help build language.